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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Nostradamus Picture Plate #38

Originally posted and experienced I believe on August 28, 2014

I was very tired and sleepy out-of no-where today (felt like it was them that did this remotely). they did this to me yesterday too (and other times) and I was going to go with it (meaning go to sleep) but as I was laying down, they mark 3'd me a few times briefly...some of the things were drowning and a hook in my eye, so I decided to get back up lol.

anyways, today they did the same and I just knew (or felt like) that they wanted me there at the cloning centers for whatever reason. I went with it this time...I was standing in a room and there were many many people sitting down at tables around me. now I was fully aware and calm but not feeling 100% (a little confusing to explain). I was trying to become more aware by focusing and with will-power (I use to do this when I thought it was the astral plane back then). there was a creature in front of me kinda small in size (several feet in length I would say) and like dark brownish in color. it had some like weird-looking things attached to the sides, guess it was suppose to be wings (?). when I saw it I instantly said “fake” with no expression on my face. I heard someone saying to someone else like “I told you..." I felt like he was basically saying to the person that he knew I would probably know it’s fake. the creature told me “fuck you” in a weird voice lol and people laughed. I was thinking in my mind “Nephilim” and how they can talk. I was surprised that it talked or at least appeared to. I wasn’t really paying attention to it the whole time there though. I was just trying to walk around and find something to do. someone had eventually got me from behind and held my arms behind my back. before or after this happened, the creature was nearby and I touched that winged (or whatever) part of it and it felt warm. it somehow came off/fell off from the creature...

that's what it looked-like [the brownish creature in the picture above]...notice the timing (once again like the Kelly Ripa thing) of the experience. Don posted about this today and I had this experience today. wtf.

I knew they wanted me there. wow...I can't believe I may have actually seen the real thing. why they added fake wings or whatever to the sides of it, I don't know.


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  1. I have memories of DUMBs, no cloning centers i am aware of. I do have clones, Rothschild clones. I get blamed for their shit all the time even by peeps who know better. lol


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