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Thursday, April 9, 2015

You're All Dead

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I was walking somewhere and I said, “I’m aware.” Then, I was laughing and they did something to my neck that caused some pain and pressure? I don’t think I saw anything while this was happening.

I was in an area standing and nearby was Ariana Grande. Standing across from me was Snoop Dogg and I believe to the left of him was another celebrity. I was angry. I was trying to get Snoop’s attention and said his name out loud. Then, I said, “fu** you Snoop.” I was saying, “you’re all dead.” I think I said something to Ariana but I was like being a smart a**/ cocky. They kept taking away my ability to speak somehow. When I couldn’t talk verbally, I used Artificial Telepathy to communicate.

Some dude told me, “we have to figure out something to do to you.” I told them how they can’t...

I was sitting down somewhere (don’t know if that’s how I was activated). Some dude was trying to do something to me and I was resisting/blocking. I said, “what are you going to do, paralyze me?”

Someone I guess threw something at me and I ducked down/moved out-of the way several times. The rotating object kept coming towards me (probably was MK Ultra visual). I then stood still and tried to focus on stopping it with my mind. Didn’t seem like it had any effect though.

I entered a room and there was a huge screen to my right and some smaller screens to my left. There was a group of people sitting down on chairs. I decided to sit down and see what will happen. I also wanted to remember what I was seeing for when I wake up. On the huge screen was some cartoon playing. I don’t remember exactly what was on the smaller screens. There was a man to my right near the large screen sitting down and I felt like he and possibly someone else was in control of the area that I was in. It seemed like I was invisible to everyone, like they were ignoring my presence.

I thought I woke up (False Awakening) and I either got out of the shower or I was automatically wet lol. I attempted to put my hand thru the mirror to test whether I was really up or not and it went thru. I said, “I’m at the cloning centers.”

They showed me some dude using some device or software to change his voice to someone else’s. I said something like, “I already know about voice modifying software.” They tried to correct me...

We were talking about Tila Tequila’s Cloning Centers radio show and it seems like they were trying to make me think that it may have not been her that was on radio. I think it had to do with the device or software that changed one’s voice. I said (or just thought?) that I believe it was really her (Tila). I and/or they may have mentioned Donald Marshall. 

I was in a small area similar to an elevator shaft. There was either stairs or just like metal bars. I was hanging (?). My brother was there and I felt like this was the end. I told him to hold in the pain. I fell or something. This big spider (?) monster thing got me and that was it. Don’t know if it was just an illusion or not. It all happened fast.


free-will line was drawn, shoulda never crossed there
Illuminati members remember you walk around wit cross-hairs

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