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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bloody Face

I think they've been increasing the intensity of whatever they been doing to me in real body today (and I think yesterday) because of me going crazy posting Don's stuff everywhere on Facebook and on YouTube. Also, doesn't help I'm sure when I posted about their biggest secret Chipheads on some Facebook groups as well. Have to, I don't want to exclude that.

At the Cloning Centers...I remember bleeding out-of no-where. Don't know what they did to me but blood was kind-of dripping from my face (not as bad as it may sound though). Some blood on the floor. It seemed like there was a cut or something on my forehead (?). I tried to stop the bleeding. I believe I looked in the mirror in my room (mk visuals was where I live now) and saw my face, which looked a little swollen. My right eye was basically swollen shut. Left eye seemed a little weird. 

I was like partially paralyzed (?) on a flat surface and tried to shake my head around to wake my real body up. My head was really hurting. Lots of pressure. Felt like it was going to pop. Doesn't feel good right now as I type this. Hurts. Then again, it hurt before this experience. Chest doesn't feel good either. :(

Regardless, don't stop sharing Donald Marshall's information. It all must be known.