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Monday, June 22, 2015

Big Bird

I don’t know if my brother was talking about Amon Ra or making fun of him or something but... He did and/or said something and I said like, “that’s not smart, he’s scary scary.” At some point, I said, “Ray” for some reason (can’t remember why but I think it had something to do with what was written on a piece of paper). Also, I recall saying “eight-foot fa*got.” Not too long after, here it comes. Seen it coming at a distance (I guess it could’ve just been mk visuals...don’t know). I was trying to “get ready” to see it up-close. Not sure what happened but I was on the ground flat on my back and either Ray (I assume it was Amon Ra) or someone (or two people) was holding my arms to the side/back. Big Bird had it’s huge foot moving slowly down on my chest. I was thinking that it was going to stomp me/crush me. I moved my head left and right as if to say, “no don’t.” Then, I was fully paralyzed and trying to break the paralysis. I felt very tired...I made a few attempts to break free with partial success (I’m sure it was just them slowly “releasing me” from paralysis timing it with my thoughts/attempts or maybe I simply "saw" and "felt" that I was breaking free but it was just mk ultra?). I don’t know for sure for sure, if it was really Ray.

Amon Ra: