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Monday, July 20, 2015

Deja Vu

This is another strange far. Again. *sigh*

Either they keep bouncing time back and I recall random events that had taken place throughout the day or they bounced time back awhile ago (e.g. a week ago, a month ago, etc.) and I simply recall random events that had taken place throughout those days. This is happening alot now. Deja Vu...I believe there was a reset recently. A reset...more than once. Groundhog days.

Anyways, while at the cloning centers...some dude was trying to hit me with an axe on the head. I tried to bock it with some weapon I had. Partially successful. I believe he/they got me because I could’ve sworn I got hit and then thought about no pain. 

This is confusing and can’t recall clearly what happened. I believe I was lying down on a flat surface (?) and someone or some people (?) were hitting me (with an axe?) or doing something to me. Possible torture? I think I felt pain and as I was experiencing whatever was happening to me, someone said telepathically like, “we over did it last time” (not sure exact wording). What he meant, was that they kept doing stuff to me with the pain sensors on (I assume) for too long and killed me or maybe they just went crazy attacking me with the pain sensors on or off and killed me? Quick death? I don’t know. I remembered or so-called remembered them killing me (real body or just clone body) by clone torture or attacks with a weapon (s).

My brother and I were high up on top of a building or something (pretty sure it was just mk visuals) and we somehow were falling or at least I felt like I was falling. I told him about how we’re dead on impact.

After I woke up, my head felt all weird (because I think they hit my head with an axe or something at the cloning centers). Then again, my head and chest hasn’t felt good or normal for months and months. :(