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Saturday, August 22, 2015


I couldn’t see anything and felt something bite my hand (just like the Nephilim did last year to me). I would say the pain sensors were probably on around a low setting. I think it was something big (just a guess), like Draconians. I assume this was a warning.

I was walking somewhere (appeared to be indoors) and there were people around me walking as well. This girl walked toward my direction and said, “not you.” I thought to myself Dana Vespoli, so it may have been her or reminded me of her? I was annoyed that I was even there again, like always. I started to say out loud, “leave me alone, Illuminati fa*gets.” About half way through saying that, they were doing something to me remotely. This affected my ability to talk somehow. It’s kind-of confusing to explain what I felt. I said, “okay, okay.” Then, I was lying flat (I assume) on my back and couldn’t see anything. I was paralyzed and tried to focus on transferring my consciousness to my real body. After awhile, I woke up. Still extremely tired.

I was somewhere on the ground and couldn’t see anything. People were punching my face over and over again. My pain sensors were off and I was defenseless of course. I said, “leave me alone, fa*gets.” This same situation I believe happened twice. 

I believe I stood up after I was getting punched in the face repeatedly at least once. I could now see and I was standing in a small room (unknown whether it was real or simply MK visuals). There were a few people there. I had my arms spread out and focused on going back to my real body. As I did this, I attempted to use MK Ultra and focused on an energy blast all around me with the intent of hitting those that are nearby.

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