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Saturday, September 12, 2015


A few days ago at cloning...People (or maybe just one person) was punching me in the head while I was laying down on the floor (I assume). I couldn’t see anything. My pain sensors were off. I don’t think I was able to move either, which means my clone was paralyzed.

I was standing up somewhere and there was this object on the floor moving...It was similar to a skateboard but smaller (yes, with wheels at the bottom). It seemed like one was suppose to use it like skates to move around with instead of walking. Anyways, as I saw it I immediately thought and said out loud, “that’s something the Illuminati would probably use because they’re too lazy to do any actual work.” This is exactly what I said or really really close. They got me again after that lol. Hitting me in the face and I couldn’t see. I think I was on the ground or some flat surface. I believe I was paralyzed as well. Pain sensors were off.

Yesterday at cloning...activated and I was once again getting hit after hit in the face. I couldn’t defend myself at all. Pathetic really. I was laying on a flat surface (probably the floor). Of course, they removed my ability to see anything too. There’s a shock. Pain sensors must’ve been at zero. 

I suppose I was on the floor. Where? I don’t know. This isn’t a dream, that’s for sure. It’s real with real pain sometimes. Someone or some people were hitting me hard in the face/head as I was paralyzed and blind. My clone self fully aware of what’s happening, noticed there was no pain (like most of the time, thankfully). Then, it seemed like they turned the pain sensors on a little and it didn’t feel good. My head was getting smashed. I think they may have used a hammer as well. Could’ve sworn I heard sounds, like the sound of a fist or hammer hitting me? I tried really hard to focus on transferring my consciousness back to my real body. A few unsuccessful attempts and then I escaped the nightmare.

I reeeally didn’t feel good yesterday and today (so far) in my real body. :( Please God and everyone who is reading this and everyone who is aware of all of this, help us be free from the cloning centers and the Illuminati. 

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