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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flying Monster (Amon Ra?)

MK Ultra illusions all around me...I was walking somewhere outside and as I was walking, I heard what appeared to be loud footsteps nearby. I thought this was odd. I began floating upwards (just MK visuals but seems real)...There was some dude in front of me and he screamed when he saw me. I decided to play along and change into some creature with wings. I was trying to scare him. At this point, I would say I was semi-aware or something. Anyways, he said something like, “no, not you” or” not you.” What he meant was that he’s not screaming because of me or he’s not scared of me, it’s something else. Then, I believe he mentioned something about behind me or I simply knew he was talking about something behind me. He said like, “...the biggest monster in the world.” I looked behind me and I saw something huge with wings (I assume) flying towards me or us. I guess you could say it looked-like a dragon. I flew away and this creature followed me, so I knew it was after me. It seemed like it had something over its body as if it was wearing a costume of some-sort. I’m not 100% sure...It was as if they did this to hide its real scary-looking appearance or at least that’s what I assume. They’ve done this before in the past (perhaps it was the same creature?). It (the thing that was over the entirety of the “monsters" body) may have just been illusions/visuals since everything else most likely was. It was trying to grab me with its claws. It managed to get a hold of me but I broke free by pulling away. I proceeded to fly...It continued to follow and got me again. This time, I failed to escape. It bit the side of my abdomen and I felt pain for a little while. *sigh* Soon after, I believe they deactivated me. My real body didn’t feel good after this experience (not that it ever feels good or “normal”). :(

This thing that I had seen may have been Amon Ra...

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