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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Robert Pickton

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some dude (I believe it was someone from one of the schools I went to) had his leg blocking mine (slightly confusing to explain), kind-of like an attempt to trip me. but not really. I tried to get his leg off or away from me. I may have talked about it first...He still left his leg there, so I punched him in the face. I think I tried to pick him up and throw him. I might have punched someone else nearby as well. 

Then, couldn’t see anything and they kept punching me over and over. May have been paralyzed. No pain. 

On Saturday, October 24, I posted, “Stop fukkin activating me at the Cloning Centers and keep your clone sex slave wh*res away from me!” on Queen Elizabeth’s Facebook page. I knew they would most likely get me for this but I still wanted to post it lol. I'm tired of them bothering me at cloning, like randomly having their sex slaves do stupid sh*t to me and near me. Stay the fuk away from me. I don't care whether it's a celeb or not, just leave me alone. 

At night when I was lying down, I was ready for whatever. I expected them to do something. 

I was fully aware and it was semi-dark. There were a few people in the room or area. It seems as if they used MK visuals to copy and place me in some area that looks similar to the picture above (even the lighting). Some dude said like, “this is Robert Pickton, he’s the one that...” This man with short hair comes towards me and I knew it was Robert Pickton. He was telling me about his ball-peen hammer as he held it in his hands. He was saying how that’s what he used to kill the prostitutes. I said like, “alright, alright you got me.” Pickton continued to talk...I said like, “alright, alright.” I thought he or someone was going to hit me in the head with the hammer. I was thinking about how much it would hurt...

They did something to me because when I woke up, my heart was all messed up. It was beating crazy and skipping beats. I tried to calm down and breathe slowly like I did in the past whenever this happened. Annoying and disturbing.

I’ll still post whatever I want. :)

I don’t know if this was the same day or the next day (Monday, October 26)...MK visuals appeared to be outside somewhere and it was dark. I was walking with some kid I know who in a way is like a nephew to me. Anyways, as I was walking, I thought of going a different direction and when I thought this, the kid went in that direction as if he read my mind or something. I thought this was weird, the timing of it. I was annoyed. I said like, “You’re Illuminati!” “You’re either programmed or you knew where I was going to go because of bounce-back.” I was thinking in my mind about how to word it right, the part about the technology to bounce time back. They weren’t too happy that I was aware (really I was like semi-aware), like always. :) They deactivated me soon after I said all this to the kid out loud.

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