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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

World Leaders

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 (I think)

I was aware in a dark (maybe semi-dark) area (indoors) at first. There were some people there. I was really annoyed and kind-of pissed that I was there again. I went a little crazy lol. I was flipping stuff over (like a  TV for example but it was most likely mk visuals). Some dude was sitting down at a table and said like, “if you make fun of any of the world leaders, you’ll be in it for 30 reigns (sp. ?) and that won’t be good (or “and that’s not good”).” I said like, “I’m not scared, do I look scared to you?” There was no response.

I went closer to him and said like, “how do I know who all the world leaders are, so I won’t talk about them at the cloning centers...and memorize it...?” Not really sure why I said that even though I was aware. He was just looking at me. I was saying things like, “how would I know?!” “Tell me, you can’t answer that, can you?” While I was saying that, they made it hard for me to verbally communicate somehow (not the first time). He had no answer. He had like a blank expression on his face. They deactivated me.