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Monday, December 28, 2015

Knee Device

Today at the CC’s...I was activated several times lying flat on my back in some room or whatever. I don’t think I was able to move, I could see around me though (not sure if I was able to see the whole time during every activation). I may have been like semi-aware. It was semi-dark. I saw what I thought was Eminem in the distance. He (or some dude) may or may not have helped them “get me." Slightly hard to explain...someone or something was like tightening screws or whatever they had around and/or inside my knee area (both knees). I felt pain and was reacting to the pain (sounds, facial know). What the hell is wrong with these people? <<< Saying this now, not at cloning. Anyways, I recall standing up and checking on myself (guess it was a clone of me). I saw blood around my scalp and in my hair. Disturbing. It looked like I was dead. Hmm...I remember walking somewhere and this woman told me something but I didn’t fully understand and made her aware of that...When I woke up, didn't feel good because of what they did at the cloning centers. It affects your real body.

Yesterday at cloning, I couldn’t see anything. Unknown whether I could move or not. Someone placed what felt like a defibrillator paddle on my heart for a little while...

I was activated lying down and couldn’t move. I could see there were people near me. I believe I was naked. I was wondering what they were going to do to me. I was curious... and then out-of no-where something slammed on my body, chest or something. It happened very fast, don’t know what they did. I think I just felt the impact without pain ???

I was once again flat on my back and couldn’t see. Someone was choking me or attempting to and it felt real.