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Monday, February 22, 2016

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Wednesday, February 10

I was standing in what looked-like a kitchen. It was semi-dark. There was a dude standing nearby.. I said something like, “I know I’m at the cloning centers” out loud. I may have said something else too. He was smirking and said like, “you’ll join us soon”.  After a little while, out-of no-where, someone or something hits me on the side of my head. I didn’t seen anyone or anything near me but something hit me. Someone kept hitting my head repeatedly. I couldn’t see anything and I didn’t feel any pain.

Today (Monday, February 22)

I was lying down on stomach had a small cut but it was deep. I saw my insides. I was trying to find something to block the hole in my abdomen. Stuff was coming out-of my intestines or whatever. I didn’t feel any pain.