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Friday, March 25, 2016

Startling Clones Of Me

Yesterday (March 24) at cloning, they kept activating me over and over again. I was in the shower in what I believe was an apartment where I use to live at. It was pretty dark. I knew someone or something was there. I opened the shower curtains and saw what I believe was an alien standing there in the dark. I gasped and was a little shocked. Woke up not too long after. I tweeted about how they’re trying to startle clones of me to possibly kill my real body. 

They kept trying to trick me and make me think I was dreaming to remain unaware and so they can have “fun” with me. I was aware though, so I wanted to “play.” I said to some dude sitting down something about what it’s like at the cloning centers. He went on about how there’s rules and blah blah blah. He seemed like he didn’t like being there but then again, he could’ve been acting and doing what he was told. I said like, “yeah, I don’t really care” and left that area. See I was trying to be annoying since I was aware and didn’t want to be there.

Some dude either threw something at me or...I think I was in a hallway at the top of the stairs and he went in the house. I “flew” down (mk ultra visuals) and attempted to punch him in the face but they prevented me from doing that somehow. Confusing.

There was what appeared to be a Chuckie doll that had a knife or something. Seemed like it was going to do something to me. Don’t recall if it got me. Mk visuals...

I had several false awakenings as they’re called. I would “wake up” and think to myself, “don’t tell me I’m still at the cloning centers.” I said like, “wait a minute, if I’m thinking about it, then I am at the cloning centers.” I attempted to put my hand through the wall and it went thru (obviously, just an illusion), which confirmed that I was right. 

It seemed like they were annoyed that despite their efforts, I would still be or become aware. ha ha