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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Aliens After Me

Today at the Cloning Centers...They mentioned something about rewinding time. I recall saying something about how if it’s the same day again, I’ll have a heart attack. They told or showed me, that it was the next day. I said something about it being in the future. I was kind-of surprised or maybe even shocked. I was unaware or maybe semi-aware.

I was in what looked-like my room from an apartment where I use to live at. It was semi-dark. I was unaware. Grey-looking aliens were at my door and near me. It seemed like it was going to be an alien abduction. I freaked out a little bit. Some (or just one) appeared to be pretty tall but it may have been mk visuals. Who knows for sure, if they were even real aliens. Anyways, I went on my computer and I was trying to tell Don on Facebook via private message about how there’s aliens and to help I guess. I think one of the aliens had me...not sure.

They're trying to scare me at cloning for either two reasons: 1. Make me stop spreading info due to fear. 2. To kill my real body. 

Didn’t feel too good when I woke up.


  1. I kid you not! Last night I was watching a movie with my woman around midnight EST and all of a sudden it felt like we had seen the movie and done the same thing before. I suddenly said "Whoa, it feels like De'ja vu!" And then I went on to explain to her how that usually means that time travel technology has been used (she is also aware of DM). Finally, I wake up this morning and check astral blog and find this post which further solidifies my conjecture. You can't make this stuff up....

    1. Why am I not surprised? They did talk about it...and it wasn't the first time either.

    2. I have had "dreams" of the greys, tall whites, and pleadians (If that is what they are really called) before as well. I am interested in what you have gone through. I also have many De'ja vu moments in my life as well. I have just recently seen Donald's interview with Vinny Eastwood on youtube and it really intrigued me. I have been doing a lot of research into the things he was talking about for about 2 years now it is nice to see that I am not alone in what I have seen and experienced. Is there any way we can actually defend ourselves or open more of the public's eyes without them thinking it is make believe?

  2. Those are also my questions Oran Brala. All people I know...this is too scarry for them to even think about.I don't think that the Cabal has that much power but their greatest quality is tricking everyone. Most are blind. Meditation and going within is where safety is because you become balanced with All That Is....the God source. Put the light around you and your loved ones.I have been sending energy to this evil group to have them be sent to a place beyond here and leave us alone. Many I am afraid are going to be caught off quard. I really believe that the plans of the Cabal will crash....there will be a gap in how things operate until humanity can get things up and running after the bad guys are in prision or meet their demise. We are in a period of huge change right now on this planet and the bad guys are not winning. Consciousness is shifting and our DNA is changing. This time is called " The Last Waltz of the Tyrants".


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