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Friday, April 15, 2016

Something Attacked Me

Thur. April 14 and Fri. April 15

I was on my back and something was on top attacking me. It was dark and I could barely see what it was. Unknown whether it was human or not. I was trying to do an “energy attack” (use to do this when I thought it was the Astral Plane). 

I was walking outdoors and there were alot of people walking around as well. Possibly outside of a school. Daytime. I became aware out-of no-where and I thought to myself how if I “flew” or “floated,” they would know I was aware but I did anyways. I decided to “float up” and “fly forward” and all around (mk visuals). I was showing off a little bit, the way I was able to control myself...I did this from outdoors to indoors (a school?). It seemed like someone was impressed. 

I was in a car, some-sort of vehicle. I guess you could say I was taken for an unwanted ride. At one point, I was facing the wrong direction in my chair (?). Uncomfortable and I don’t know, scary? I was on my stomach watching (by force) the street floor as the vehicle was moving. Probably was all just an illusion...kind-of confusing.


  1. I have had these kinds of "dreams" also. They've become more prevalent the last few years. I know have key signs I've Learned that I'm at the cloning center. My question is if they can get into your head like that and control your dream how do we stop it? Donald says the main computer needs to be shut down. I don't think most of my dreams are under my control anymore.

  2. NO you need Salvation only Jesus Christ can protect you all from these Demonic attacks you all have been deluded into thinking there is no escape these are lies of Satan and demon Christians that are aware of Cern and Illuminati and their demonic use of Hollywood their actors and musicians for decades have been tools for Satan I know about the abduction of Children and how the famous Stars get their stardom and how they have drugged and brain washed Children and how mk ultra has been used on all of you, heartbreaking as it all is the Only one that can Save you and break the power over you is Jesus Christ. the Victor Is Christ they can not do anything except God allows it. You may want to blame God but Man has done this by wanting to know things we had no business delving into. My Question to you all is where do you want to spend eternity with Christ or Satan? imagine being in the hell you are now for eternity with your tormentors and torturers Eternally never free from the pain and misery or With Christ eternally where no death no unhappiness is. If you don't have him you have no salvation or deliverance and regardless of what others have done to us ( I was raped and molested at 4 yrs old so i know what I am talking about) We can be delivered we can have healing we can get beyond being the victim and being the Victorious Christ covers me. I have been reading everything on this blog and about Don and the hell he has survived but with out Christ without confessing Jesus as your Savior it is all in Vain and it is heartbreaking.


    Verses on Salvation

  4. AnonymousJune 29, 2016

    Good post.

    1. My prayer is they will read it and repent and accept Jesus as their savior.


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