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Friday, April 15, 2016

Something Attacked Me

Thur. April 14 and Fri. April 15

I was on my back and something was on top attacking me. It was dark and I could barely see what it was. Unknown whether it was human or not. I was trying to do an “energy attack” (use to do this when I thought it was the Astral Plane). 

I was walking outdoors and there were alot of people walking around as well. Possibly outside of a school. Daytime. I became aware out-of no-where and I thought to myself how if I “flew” or “floated,” they would know I was aware but I did anyways. I decided to “float up” and “fly forward” and all around (mk visuals). I was showing off a little bit, the way I was able to control myself...I did this from outdoors to indoors (a school?). It seemed like someone was impressed. 

I was in a car, some-sort of vehicle. I guess you could say I was taken for an unwanted ride. At one point, I was facing the wrong direction in my chair (?). Uncomfortable and I don’t know, scary? I was on my stomach watching (by force) the street floor as the vehicle was moving. Probably was all just an illusion...kind-of confusing.