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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vril Eyes

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I was walking somewhere outdoors. It was dark but not pitch black. There were like zombies (most likely just mk visuals) or something behind a fence. I had on a beanie hat and I kept adjusting it. I was trying to escape the area. I believe I floated up and was flying a little at one point (which is just an illusion). Something attacked and killed (?) me. I recall knowing or so-called knowing that I was killed before. There was this big spider-like thing, which I believe was or was one of the things that got me. I couldn’t escape...

I saw a vril type 3 (mk visuals?). I blocked my face, so I won’t look at its eyes. It (?) grabbed me and forced me to look. I then agreed, saying how it would be good for practice in me being completely fearless. I was staring at it face to face. I felt as though I had a blank facial expression. Seems like they put mk visuals over its face to make it less scary-looking or something. Weird. I looked at its mouth and was wondering where the sharp teeth were. Then, it appeared like some of its teeth manifested or came into view? 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I was outdoors (mk visuals?). I think it was semi-dark or dark. I was running... trying to escape. Something attacked and killed (?) me.

When I woke up, heart sort-of ached for awhile and couldn’t really breathe.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Crazy Nurse

Today at the cloning centers:

There was this woman, I guess she supposedly was a nurse or something. I was lead there... I had laid down on a flat surface (table or whatever). I was unaware. I believe she was about to put me under because I was apparently, going to have surgery (I think on my foot and/or leg). I so-called remembered this (implanted memory?). She injected me with something. I was then freaking out because I knew I was by myself (no family members or friends) and I remembered about how they chip you when you’re at the hospital. I changed my mind (perhaps implanted memory of me “knowing” that I had already agreed?) and told them “next time” or something. I knew it may have been too late since they already injected me with something and I was expecting to feel myself becoming unconscious at any moment. There was this tube sticking out of my chest and she pulled it out. As she was doing this, I saw blood or some fluid coming out through the tube. I don’t think I felt any pain though. Disturbing.


Recently at cloning:

I was in what look-like a school hallway with lockers on both sides (mk visuals). I said, “this is like Inception, watch...” I then focused intensely on exploding the lockers with my mind (I’ve done something similar before, so I knew it was possible.) using mk ultra. As I was doing this, I was yelling, “ahhhhhhh.” Some woman asked what I was doing or something. Regardless of my attempts, I failed to do anything noticeable. They somehow must’ve blocked me from doing this or something because I shoudl’ve seen something happen. I said like, “I wonder who the architect of this is?” I was completely aware.

Possibly was “in" a kitchen (mk visuals). It seemed maybe semi-dark. There was this woman that had a female clone (adult)... She was taking her apart, cutting pieces of her body to cook. Apparently, there was like no other food for us to eat or something. I was thinking in my mind, how there’s no soul and if there was one in her, it would hurt. I said, “I’m not eating human.” I believe they did this to scare me. I was either semi-aware or unaware... confusing.

I don’t know, if I was “in” a classroom or what but.... This dude was standing there and I guess was trying to look intimidating. I went up to him face to face and said, “you don’t scare me.” His facial expression and body language changed... He appeared to be disappointed that I wasn’t scared of him lol. I left the area... I was semi-aware or aware.

I had been watching a show in real body and there was this cliff with two people hanging off of it. I thought to myself about how that would be kind-of scary. So, what do the clowns at the cloning centers do? They put me in an mk ultra scenario... there was this cliff and I was at the bottom of it by myself. I was hiding underneath a piece of rock that was protruding from the cliff itself. There were these large rocks falling from the top of the cliff and I simply was trying to avoid being hit by them. I saw some people that seem as though they were part of some-sort of a tribe or something. I was un-aware.