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Friday, July 15, 2016

Crazy Nurse

Today at the cloning centers:

There was this woman, I guess she supposedly was a nurse or something. I was lead there... I had laid down on a flat surface (table or whatever). I was unaware. I believe she was about to put me under because I was apparently, going to have surgery (I think on my foot and/or leg). I so-called remembered this (implanted memory?). She injected me with something. I was then freaking out because I knew I was by myself (no family members or friends) and I remembered about how they chip you when you’re at the hospital. I changed my mind (perhaps implanted memory of me “knowing” that I had already agreed?) and told them “next time” or something. I knew it may have been too late since they already injected me with something and I was expecting to feel myself becoming unconscious at any moment. There was this tube sticking out of my chest and she pulled it out. As she was doing this, I saw blood or some fluid coming out through the tube. I don’t think I felt any pain though. Disturbing.

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