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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Attempts At Scaring Me

Yesterday at cloning (Fri. September 23, 2016)....

I don’t know where I was. It was pretty dark and I was focusing on something. For some reason, I was like chanting or singing in some weird language (reminded me of that woman in an episode from the show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura called Reptilian, which I just so happened to have watched again recently). I kept doing it for a little while... If I recall correctly, I was showing how nothing is going to happen or appear? Hmm... like, “I know there’s no such thing as ghosts, so I guess I’ll try this” type-of attitude. Then, all of a sudden, I seen like a ghost-like figure come out-of no-where (I think towards me). It startled me. I said something (while surprised) about how it’s real. I was unaware the whole time (as far as I remember). At the time of the experience, I thought it was real and happening in real life (because I was unaware) but it was just mk visuals.

Today at cloning (Sat. September 24, 2016)...

I became aware or was already aware from the start. I was annoyed and angry. Confident. I walked around as if I owned the place, like no-one can do anything to me type-of attitude. Anyways, as I was walking, I came across an area that had what looked-like maybe a garage door on a wall. It appeared like something big was about to break through. I heard noise coming from behind the “door” and I saw random areas protruding from the surface when it was being “pounded on” from the back (like how you see in cartoons... fake). I stood there (like maybe ten to twenty feet away) fearless and expressionless (well, I may have had an angry expression on my face lol). I said, “I’m not scared...” After a short time... out-of no-where, comes something that shot straight towards me. I didn’t move. I was expecting some-sort of creature but it appeared to be some big object, like a table or something with junk on it. However, while it was going towards me quickly, I thought I saw some creature or whatever on this object (most like there was no creature “on it”). This sudden realization startled me. They deactivated me. Mission accomplished or at least partially... clowns.

I believe as this thing went towards me, they wanted to make sure they “get me”, so they tweaked the visuals slightly to make me “see” something extra that wasn’t there or wasn’t there before. Then again, I think the whole thing was all an illusion.

I believe the intent behind attempting to scare clones of me or startle me is to cause my real body to die. I guess another reason would be entertainment and to test me. Regardless, I’m there against my will. I hate them.


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    1. Trey Songz,Sammie Leigh bush, Mario Barrett, James Maslow,Kendall Schmidt,Logan,Carlos from the big time rush. Are these guys clones?


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