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Monday, September 5, 2016

I Will Killuminati

Today at cloning...

I was in an apartment (just an illusion). It was semi-dark and in some areas it was just dark... There was a small group of people in the living room. There was also what looked-like some-sort of military-type vehicle. It was slowly backing up towards the people that were there. Several people were making sure the path was clear for the vehicle. I was watching nearby... It did this a few times (backing up). Finally, it did so again but this time was different... it went off-course and went into the small group of people. I was shocked and didn’t want to look at the result of what had occurred... I knew that it killed some people and possibly even injured a few. I began to leave (I noticed that I was dressed up as if I was ready to go somewhere) out the back door and some dude stopped me. He was frantic saying how his brother, cousin or something died. I proceeded to leave but remembered that I didn’t have my cellphone with me, so I turned back. I went to a room to get my cell and saw my mother lying down. I told her not to go in the living room because there’s blood everywhere (I was guessing, I didn’t actually see anything because it was dark and I didn’t want to look). I think I mentioned about how people were killed. I was unaware for this experience.

I was extremely tired and weak. I knew it was because of them and they probably wanted me at the cloning centers for some reason or maybe it was simply to hinder me from spreading the info. I don’t like them or anyone telling me what to do. Since I believed it was them making me feel like this, I tried to avoid going back to sleep. Despite my efforts as I was lying down, I accidentally became unconscious...

I was activated in a mark 2 (maybe mark 3) clone. I couldn’t see anything. It felt like someone was slicing the side of my neck/throat with a knife. I was aware or semi-aware.

I was in my room (mk visuals) and some dude that I know from real life came into my room without asking. I was pissed. He was near my computer... I tried to forcefully remove him from the room... I was sitting down (out-of no-where... like I was activated in another clone or something) and facing who I thought was the same person from before. I somehow became aware and I decided to let that dude know. I told him, “I know I’m at the cloning centers. What are you gonna do about it?” It felt really good saying that and it probably showed. The dude smiled as if to say, “it doesn’t matter, we’re still in control” or something like that. I heard some dude’s voice (unknown whether it was the same dude that was in front of me) in my mind say something like, “how do you know?” or “how does he know?” I tried to continue to talk but it wasn’t easy because they did something that affected me being able to voice what I wanted to say. When this happens, I just communicate via the mind (telepathically). I said, “I will killuminati.” I smiled simply because I knew that they really didn’t like the fact that I was aware and that we (the populace) would get them. I walked away and went out a door and saw some stairs going down. I grabbed a good size piece of wood that was against the wall (most likely it too was just mk visuals) in the small hallway. My intention was to get some revenge and hit people with it for activating me there again against my will and bothering me. I thought to myself as I was going down the stairs how it’s all fake (my surroundings) and really  I’m going no-where and I’ll still be in the same spot, essentially. I then turned around and went back up to hit someone or some people. They deactivated me not too long after. I assume because it was harder for them to control me and my experience, since I was aware. :)

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