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Friday, February 17, 2017


A few days ago at the cloning centers, they had some big muscled-up celebrity try to intimidate me lol. I’ve been threatened supposedly by aliens before and they think I’m going to be scared of some dude lol. I was in some area that was semi-dark on the ground. This other dude on the ground told the celebrity dude how I did something to him or said something about him to get me in trouble. The celebrity dude had a serious expression on his face and tried to use his size I guess to intimidate me and force me to repeat certain words or a sentence, which I didn’t. I was saying how it wasn’t me or whatever. Then, since that wasn’t working... he got a baseball bat and acted as if he was really going to hit me with it by lowering it towards my head and back up again. He did this a few times while trying to make me repeat what he’s saying, so I can look-like an idiot and show that I’m scared in front of anyone that’s watching. I just said, “noooooo” while having like an angry expression on my face. I supposedly had to fight this muscled-up celebrity this week or next week now, I guess because of what happened. I was angry and wanted to fight the dude on the ground who was responsible for this. I was saying (mentally or verbally) about how I just need a minute (meaning to defeat him). I think they may have paralyzed me or I was partially paralyzed or something because I was going to punch him (more than once lol).


  1. First off I apologize for saying the Good morning Donald thing and how he should update /refresh. You all do a great job and it's me that needs to refresh. I quit going to Facebook and I don't Twitter so for info I come here but since pizzagate broke out I have been preoccupied.
    I need to look and listen before I attack :-) and I need to come visit more often.You guys are so brave all of you. My son is strong too. He should be in his own apartment soon.Poor guy was so worried that they'd put him in the loony bin,I'd never let that happen.When he is out and about I plan to have long discussions about what has happened to him.
    Right now it's best he and I keep it under cover until he is out of the retarded, county run facility for the mentally disturbed... yeah he got disturbed alright! I will close with a question or a request I should say.
    Can you or Phil discuss family? Like your mothers and how they feel about everything.I know little about Donald's family,I know they are involved.
    I'm curious about the families that are not Satanist.
    Thanks Astral...your pad is looking groovy ;-)I have to see what's new.You may not have a relationship with God Astral but I ask him to protect us from evil.
    Yeah those celebrities are everywhere I am so sick of them I especially hate Angelina Jolie.I

    1. I don't really want to talk about my family.


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