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Thursday, February 9, 2017

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At the Cloning Centers...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I was in a large room... I was aware (or maybe semi-aware). Somehow I was on my stomach on this device going towards a big pot or whatever full of some chemical thing or boiling something. I said, “I don’t care”. After a little while, I focused on going back to my real body and they deactivated me.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I was aware or semi-aware... There was a door with writing or papers or something attached to it with words on it. I went through a few of them. There was a desk or table and a woman and a man was there. This man told me something that made no sense, like mumbled something. I believe he did this because he knew I was aware and wanted to make me become unaware by confusing the clone me (which has happened before). I said, “I don’t know.” I was given a piece of paper (like a small detention slip or hall pass) with someone else’s name on it and I said or thought about how that’s not my name and then my name was written over this other person’s name (possible instantly due to it being an mk ultra visual?). I guess my level of awareness was going back and forth (like I was sort-of falling for some of the bs that they were doing). Then I heard some other dude say something like, “they leave kids memory suppressed” as he was walking. I said something like, “I know you’re just copying the interview that’s playing near my real body.” I was aware. See, they love to annoy me at the cloning centers by copying certain parts from whatever it is that’s playing near my real body while I’m sleeping. For example, if I’m playing a rap song near my real body while I’m sleeping, they will incorporate like a verse or a few lyrics into my cloning center experience. Anyways, the woman that was there either said something that meant she knew that already (about how I’m right and the dude was copying a part of the interview that was playing near my real body while I was sleeping).  I said like, “okay, what interview”? She was stuttering looking for an answer and I made fun of her imitating her stuttering. I said, “the UK interview” (referring to Donald Marshall’s UK interview). I mentioned Queen (referring to Queen Elizabeth) and then I said like, “Her Majesty would not be pleased”. I don’t really know why I said that but I do know I was trying to be annoying and make it known that I was aware. A little while after, they deactivated me.

Today (Thursday, February 9, 2017)

I was unaware in an mk ultra scenario... I think it was semi-dark or dark. I was in a car and someone that got out of the car or something got shot right in front of me. I knew there were snipers in the area. I put my hands up (while I was sitting in the car like half in and half out) and said, “don’t shoot” a few times (I think). I recall people like trying to steal someone’s car. As they were riding away, I saw someone in the distance with a rocket launcher and immediately ran. They shot and blew up the car. I was still running... saw other people as I ran across the street and sidewalk. I climbed over a fence (or fences) and hid behind something because I saw a car coming in my direction or nearby. Finally, I saw a group of police cars. I went near a policeman and slightly grabbed (?) him and collapsed (because I was tired and whatever) in front of him. They had music playing in the background as if I was in a movie or something. Annoying.


  1. please be well.. can you tell us about the weeknd?

    1. Hm...what week-end?

  2. How scary,we grow up trusting the police and for you that cop was a savior.In reality though...I don't know about that.
    When I was in my 20's I had a dream I'd been shot in the leg by some guy trying to rob the store I was in. There was no pain but I was scared to death and didn't make a move,I wanted him to think I was dead. Scary stuff. I woke up to a stiff aching leg.
    To think so many of you deal with this daily,weekly - not always remembered...why is that? Sometimes they suppress your memory other times not.

    Astral if someone views your blog from wherever...say Greece for example,will that always be logged,always be visible to me? I have a blog and someone from Malta viewed but there is no trace they have been to my blog now.Can a person delete their view? Do you know what I mean? At my audience it says under all time view ...
    Germany 20
    Ireland 13
    Australia 12 etc.
    For Malta I think it was 2. Like I said it's gone now. Anyhow if you have time maybe you can explain how that works.My views are low lol but it's all good 1 view a day is fine with me as long as I contribute in some way - thanks
    I never even knew what Malta I do - yikes! I'm of no importance :-)

  3. Hi everyone. Found that they bring you back to the center or even outside, really it's very hard to see this. Many distortions in dreams, how things happen. Because data is in some ways more accessible with memory, even with access, often locked. In general, confusion also prevails when one wakes up, journalists say that it is even the case, whether it is about politics or we feel that politicians do not control their decisions. Because their surroundings are specialists, but on what side. This is very visible now. The people are subjected to unprecedented vagaries. There is hopefully a human will that will never fail, but we will all have to strengthen ourselves. This crisis affects all countries. So we do not know how many people are affected by this. If we were, no one has any memory. But a dream of someone, old man, who once told us that he had been obliged to stay three nights almost without sleep and that he said he knows where he is. It's been a while since he told his dream. In his dream, he managed to overcome, but all people were really frightened, and preferred to make a denial. To have no dreams would be so bad for the peoples, we must continue to hope and remain united. Only in this way can we recover from these trials as human beings. I wish you would be better soon so that you do not think that you are obliged to confront you again. May God keep you and those around you know that we love and support you, even if we can not always do what we would like.


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