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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spiked In The Chest

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I was lying down on a flat surface. I couldn’t see anything. Something or someone spiked me in the chest with something. I was very weak and it was difficult for me to move for some reason. I tried to reach and grab this “spike thing” and pull it out-of and away from my chest. I was partially successful. 

I was thinking maybe this was a Vril type 1 that spiked me?


  1. This stupid Guv Google,I guess I can comment now. I know they were in my computer because it was running slow and freezing,oh well it's much better now.
    I am wondering Astral why they hurt the same people over and over. Why not someone new? I'm not wishing that on anyone of course I am just wondering is it because it takes too long to...program (I don't know the word)someone new?

  2. Hi, I tweeted you this and also messaged Donald on FB and twitter, but I wanted to send it a few different ways in case it isn't seen. Why doesn't Donald try to convince certain celebrities to support him? Maybe that's why Liam Neeson wasn't punished for speaking out? Even selfish ones might just to be able to say they were among the first.


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