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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bus Hitting Brick Wall

Yesterday (September 22) or the day before, they had me in an MK Ultra scenario at the cloning centers... I was in a bus (daytime) and at one point, what looked-like a brick wall appeared out-of no-where. The bus was about to hit it but as it got close, the bus either went in a different direction or this “brick wall” simply vanished. I remained calm the entire time. I was unaware for this experience. I also recall mentioning to this dude, something about what had just occurred on the bus. I assume they were trying to scare me and/or testing to see what my reaction would be. I didn’t agree to be there (at the cloning centers) and I didn’t agree to this “test”, if that’s what it was.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Eye Removed

Yesterday (Thursday, September 14), at the cloning centers, there was this dude on a flat (?) surface lying down. He couldn’t move. This device came over his face (I believe I saw the terror in his eyes) and took his eye out. Then, microchips were inserted and “filled” (one microchip on top of the other) up his eye. I don’t recall hearing any sounds. I’m not sure whether this was real or just some MK Ultra scenario or something. 

I assume they were trying to scare me but it didn’t work and it won’t work.

This experience is a little hard to explain but its not the first time that I had this type of experience...

In an MK Ultra scenario or whatever... It seemed like I was this person in this scene (outdoors) that was trying to escape from some big creature in the water. Simultaneously, I was watching this whole thing happen as I was experiencing what I was seeing. It also seemed like I was playing a video game at times because I would think (if I’m not mistaken) to jump and this person in the scene (which was me?) would jump. I kept dodging its attacks but at some point I recall seeing a dude get attacked by this weird eel-like creature. There was kind-of a big structure in the water that I attempted to use to escape from being attacked as well.