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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Gang & Lightning Strikes

Yesterday/Today (Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28) at the cloning centers...

Friday, October 27:

They tried to scare me... In this MK Ultra scenario (which seemed to take place both indoors and outdoors with MK visuals), there was this gang after me and someone other dude. I found out that this other dude that was on “my side” was just pretending to be, so everyone was against me. I hit him (?) with something over and over but it didn’t seem like it did anything. Some dude came through a door and I attempted to hit him with the object but I missed somehow. I then knew I was screwed at this point because the group of people were coming. They “got” some other people and pointed a gun at this woman. She went to the floor because of the threat of being shot and possibly killed. I remained calm the whole time.

Saturday, October 28:

I posted yesterday on Twitter, “they tried to scare me at cloning... failed lol. #tryagain” and I guess they must’ve saw it. I wanted them to...

This MK Ultra scenario took place at an apartment where I use to live at. It was outside in the backyard. I was with at least one other person, which was a relative of mine. There was lightning strike after lightning strike and we kept trying to dodge them (both in the yard and in the sidewalk/street). At one point, we were near each other and I said something about, us dying together. It got the person I was with and it seemed like he was killed instantly. I grabbed him and I kept shaking him to try to “wake him up". This part is not going to make sense lol but it’s just MK Ultra visuals... I grabbed like a car or something in the street and put him in (kind-of confusing). I said something like, “if he dies, I’ll kill myself”. He began to show signs of life (slightly moving or whatever) after a little while. 

I was unaware for both cloning center experiences.