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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Mind Journey, Woman Stalker & Group Intimidation

At the Illuminati cloning centers...

Mind Journey

Tuesday, November 7, 2017:

I think my clone body was laying down in some dark (not pitch black though) place indoors (not sure if it was visuals) and it seemed like I was using my mind (like a MK Ultra scenario) to escape from this woman that was after me. My clone body wasn’t moving (as far as I’m aware) but in my mind, I felt and saw myself (not literally, like third person) floating and flying in some outdoor area. It was bright, had lots of trees, etc. Everything was crystal clear. I recall looking back to see the woman that was chasing me and I did see her (don’t remember how she looked or if I recognized her). I did pretty good (not that I care) in what I felt was a MK Ultra experiment or something because obviously it was all MK visuals that I was seeing. One thing that’s weird is that it seemed-like there was at least one time that I thought I had seen my laying down clone body near like a monitor or something from third person at a distance doing the experiment. In addition, I believe I experienced myself laying down AND “mentally escaping” from this woman simultaneously in a I guess what was a MK Ultra scenario? I was unaware or maybe semi-aware during this experience.

It doesn’t matter how the experiment or whatever turned out because I didn’t agree and I don’t want to be there (at the cloning centers). Additionally, I’m being influenced and manipulated in these MK Ultra scenarios (especially when I’m unaware as one is more easily controlled).

Woman Stalker

Wednesday, November 8, 2017:

I was outside and it was dark. I was walking with a relative of mine. I think we were going to the store. There was this woman that was just standing there looking at us. Creepy. She was a good distance away from us at first but we were going towards that direction. We passed by and she didn’t say or do anything. Then, I saw her slowly point a gun at us when I looked back. She was still kind-of far away but close enough to shoot us without missing. I think I said to the woman relative of mine that she’s going to shoot us or she’s trying to kill us. We immediately turned to the right and went in some yard or something. This area was almost pitch black. There were like tombstones or something else all over the ground, in our way. I had a flashlight somehow and was using it (pointing it down towards the ground) to see better as we walk. I think I told her to get down or something. The woman near me was like crouching as we were moving forward. I knew the crazy woman that was after us probably went around the block to catch us by surprise, so I pointed the flashlight straight ahead. I knew this would give away our location by I said to the woman near me how I need to see, if she’s (the crazy woman) coming or something like that. I looked for a little while and I did see her. I told the woman near me, “I’m going to kill her”. She gave me what look-like a toy gun but since I was unaware, it didn’t fully “click” in my mind that it was fake. However, I did think to myself how either it seemed fake or like a toy or whatever. I also had a knife somehow that I gave the girl near me to hold for me... Overall, I was pretty calm the entire time as far as I remember. This was a MK Ultra scenario and the weapons I’m sure were also just visuals/illusions.

Group Intimidation

Thursday, November 9, 2017:

In a way it seemed-like indoors and in a way in seemed-like outdoors... There was a group of people sitting in... I don’t know what it was (like a domed structure or something). Anyways, one dude was saying/rapping lyrics out loud. I knew I recognized those words before. I told one dude standing near me that it was from URL and he wanted me to name from who specifically. I had to think for awhile and I said, “Danja”. I thought some more and said either, “Zone” and/or “Danja Zone”. This group (more specifically the one that was rapping lyrics) tried to make it seem as if I would be intimidated because there were so many and I was just by myself. At one point, I was chewing gum or had a cough drop in my mouth and spit it at one of the dude’s that were sitting like on the floor. After awhile, they disappeared. I was trying to leave the place. For some reason, now it felt and I believe I “knew” like I was in school the whole time, which doesn’t really make sense. I had a bag full of something somehow in my hand as I was looking for the exit. I went through this long (with a few turns, like a mini-maze) I guess you could call it hallway but with see-through glass/window (I could see outside while I was inside). I left and said to someone or some people that I was dismissed. I saw a lot of city buses as opposed to school buses come. I ignored this and was trying to, I guess go home by walking. The buses vanished but I don’t think my unaware clone self noticed. It was hard for me to walk for whatever reason, like there were a lot of weight that I was carrying (which I’m pretty sure I wasn’t). Someone said and/or I read about how this legend or rap legend was going to be there or perform but I didn’t care. I thought I saw the name but I don’t remember. I saw this old man, which I assume was the “legend”. Anyways, as I was almost leaving the property, I was stopped by this thick, three-layered barbered-wire fence that went all the way around keeping everyone “locked in”. This is another MK Ultra scenario that I never wanted to be a part of...

I accidentally had fallen asleep while watching a rap battle and the Illuminati being there “normal” annoying self “copied” the audio of what I was watching and had someone play/act out the part. They’ve done this before many times and I believe they do it to be annoying and for entertainment. What’s crazy though, is they can “copy” the EXACT part of the show, movie or whatever you’re “listening to” or “watching” while you’re unconscious (real body) and have someone play/act it out (as a clone at the cloning centers) simultaneously. If you’re real body wakes up while they are doing this at the cloning centers, you’ll notice that the song, movie or whatever is on the exact part that it “suppose” to be on based on what you heard at the cloning centers.