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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Angry Bird (Amon Ra)

Yesterday (Wed. March 28, 2018) at the Illuminati cloning centers...

I was in some place that appeared to be indoors (MK Ultra visuals). In this MK Ultra scenario, there was a small bird in a cage that seemed angry and aggressive. It tried to come out-of it’s cage forcefully several times and I used my hand (s) to block it from coming out. I noticed or remembered the ceiling fan was on and I didn’t want it to fly out and hit the fan or go in someone’s room. Then, I guess the scene or whatever transitioned... some dude told me that Amon Ra (he may have said “someone” but I think he said Amon Ra though) wants to talk to me. I said, “I don’t want to talk to anyone”...

In my opinion, I believe the angry aggressive bird was referencing Amon Ra and how he’s angry...

There was a large entity or whatever slowly fading into view. I don’t know, if everything was just MK Ultra visuals or if they were slowly “taking away” the MK Ultra visuals to reveal what this thing really looks-like. I believe I had the “wow" or “surprise" facial expression and I may have closed my eyes to focus on my consciousness returning to my real body.

I recall lying on my back on some flat surface and I could barely move. I felt all weird. This happened twice. I tried to force myself to sit-up but it was very difficult. It was as if I had no energy whatsoever. I wanted to prove that I could still manage to do so (sit-up) and I did at least once. I think I was drugged to feel the way I felt and I may have been partially paralyzed as well.

At one point, I remember being told telepathically, basically to pretend that I’m dead and/or hurt. What I believe he was trying to say is that Amon Ra would attack me and they would have my pain sensors on low or off (based on how I felt, I would say the former) and I’m suppose to act like it really really hurt and/or I was dead. I told him telepathically, “okay” or something that acknowledged what he said and then I told him to remind me in case I forget.

For some reason, I recalled as a clone going through a certain MK Ultra scenario before involving Amon Ra. I’m not sure whether or not this was an implanted memory or if I did in fact had already experienced the same MK Ultra scenario that I was currently in. Anyways, I’m walking in what looked-like a pretty big hallway... In essence, I was saying to myself how I know what happens next and stuff. I knew when Amon Ra was going to come and when he did or was about to... I changed my mind and I wasn’t feeling the whole thing about me being fake, pretending and stuff. It seemed stupid and seemed-like a waste of time. I think I may have closed my eyes to focus on my consciousness going back to my real body.

My body didn’t feel good upon awakening, so I assume that I was attacked and/or who knows...

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