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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Locked In A Room

Today (Thursday, April 19, 2018) at the Illuminati cloning centers...

I was in a semi-dark place and there was like an emergency alarm that went off. The door (s) closed and I was locked in a room. There was some creature or whatever not too far from where I was standing. This entity appeared to be dark but I believe it was just MK Ultra visuals that were “blocking” what it really looks-like. For some reason, I recalled a previous experience or experiences involving the same or similar situation. I went towards this thing (which may have been a person or some mixture with MK Ultra visuals... a little bit confusing) and laughed. I was real confident... I think I was attacked and based on how I felt when I had awoken from the experience, I would say so. Different parts of my body felt very strange (e.g. my head, chest and groin area) with slight pain and pressure. I guess they’re trying to make me shut up and stop spreading the truth. We’re probably getting real close to freedom. I will continue...

I think the following experience was today as well but it could’ve been yesterday (Wednesday, April 18, 2018)...

I recall this small bird attacking me. It kept flying towards and at me as if were angry. Once again, I believe the small bird represents Amon Ra.

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