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33rd Degree Freemason & Highest Level Of Scientology Knowledge

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - you guys know highest level of knowledge of scientology now, cloning and Vrill, same as freemasons 33rd level of knowledge, usually with scientology it costs you 500,000 dollars I think to buy the levels of knowledge, and I just saved you all a buncha csah LOL!

Donald Marshall (August 2012) - 32nd level of knowledge is cloning 33rd is vrill.......ive never been to bohemian,... no clones there... Alex Jones double agent........ if he told about what he knew hed be killed and then reanimated as a dead clone and tortured for years until they got bored of it.... maybe get his family too,... they got wrestler chris benoit bad like that...used him as an example. u gotta know about the man made saucers along with vrill to be 33rd.... so now yer 33rd lol... level of knowledge hehehehe... back engineered ,... those germans didnt invent them,... named em after the lizards, vril society..

Donald Marshall (Sat. November 24, 2012) - oh btw all,... my ex family are almost all freemasons, a large faction of the illuminuts, and if you read my wall you will know the 33rd degree of freemason knowledge, which is also the highest scientologist knowledge. FREE

Donald Marshall (Sat. December 15, 2012) - 33rd degree of freemason knowledge is no more . And the highest scientology BS. That'll usually run ya several thousand you guys, like lots, I saved you so much time and trouble... Lol.

Donald Marshall - Highest level of Scientology knowledge too (cloning and Vrill)


  1. AnonymousMay 17, 2015

    have you ever seen Tom Cruise at a Cloning Center?

  2. no, I never seen him there.

    1. Thank you

    2. I was told by Donald that he and Kim were there and down with it. Hmmm

    3. Don is there a way i can contact u ?

    4. Just because I haven't seen him there, doesn't mean he isn't there.

      I don't think Don checks out this website but the best way to contact him, is via Facebook or posting in the forum (as it may be shared on Don's Facebook, so he can comment).


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