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50 Cent

Donald Marshall - they get shot on purpose sometimes... 50- Cent got shot numerous times with a 22 calibur rabbit gun in non lethal places and even allowed someone to shoot him in the cheek and the bullet hit his tongue, he wanted a gimmick... they go to great lengths.

Lina Seeka - donny when they interview ppl. or say certain stuff, all there body language. little signs. slip into talking in backslang. its all there aint it. telling ya. i used to really like fiddycent. does he want out?

Donald Marshall - yes, he wants out, and yes they do that a lot, hosts don't pick up on that... like how they don't seem to understand sarcasm... It was probably a vrill host interviewing nelly in that vid... there are a lot of hosts...

James Casbolt - Many Men wish death on us Father... 

Many Men (Wish Death) (Dirty Version)

Donald Marshall - yaya I made that song for the freaks

made a few [songs] for Fitty, Fitty is not attracted to you. lol Fitty got shot intentionally with a 22 like you did, to have a gimmick... many celebs read our pages, you know this.

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