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Adventure Time - Death in Bloom

Adventure Time "i'd like your flesh" peppermint butler

Donald Marshall (Mon. April 14, 2013) - This cartoon is made by the illuminati and this episode is about cannibalism. With reference to R.E.M cloning. Should watch the whole episode.

Jose Sanchez - This cartoon has alot of Spiritually Awakened stuff in it. A whole bunch of scientific shit EVEN PARALLEL UNIVERSES and beings from other galaxies. This show is amazing and very informative IF you open your eyes to it. They also have things that EXPOSE the illuminati. This show is amazing. Especially to those that are awake and not being controlled

Donald Marshall - No I assure you... Clones sit all around the arena and discuss a story and plot and lines in the cartoon and many more. This was the very end of the episode. I was there when they made this one. Queen Elizabeth herself made the peppermint butlers lines in this. Thinking it was very funny and witty with how they do the rem cloning lol. All I can say about this is Elizabeth has a very disturbed mind. She's whacky like 5 different ways. She adds wierd stuff to movies just because she can. Example--->

In the third lord of the rings movie return of the king. She intentionally added a glitch just because she wanted to... At a point when the city Mina's tirith is catapulting down on the Orc ranks assembled one almost hits the Orc commander and a large cave troll next to him and gives him a stupid look (the screen freezes) and stays like that for like 2 seconds. An obvious mess up somehow. But it was just Elizabeth putting her stamp in it. To show the others clones assembled that she can do just anything she wants.

They even role play these cartoons in drugged clones trying to come up with funny lines and scripts. Lot of role playing as clones.


  1. What is the name of the episode.


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