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Question (August 2012) - Is Alex Jones in on it? You said David Icke was...

Donald Marshall - yes he is,. Alex Jones is a double agent..he has no choice really, he would be killed. Alex goes to CC, I've spoken to him there a few times.

Celine O'carroll - He does bear a strong resemblence to Bill Hicks

Donald Marshall - Yep Dunno if it's him or not.

Jon Cusan - This is why Jones voice is groggly, so you wont recognize Hicks voice.

Donald Marshall - Alex talks that way intentionally grinding his throat when he talks because he has a whiny real voice.

Donald Marshall (Wed. March 20, 2013) - wasn't sure if Alex Jones was there at first, had never seen him, then a while back he started talking to me from the stands... he is there. He doesn't want to be

Donald Marshall (August 2012) - bohemian grove is only used for tradition... they used to meet there before cloning,... but with cloning they can bring everyone there total secrecy privacy and do the rituals at the cloning center....way easier.... Cloning center = Bohemian grove, Main Masonic Lodge, scientology central, and many more.. I dont think theyd risk a sacrifice at bohemian grove now, and the Alex Jones sneak into the grove was fake lol WAY fake people tell me about that and I just smile :) how could anyone take that seriously hahahha aaand.........‎32nd level of knowledge is cloning 33rd is vrill.......ive never been to bohemian,... no clones there... Alex Jones double agent........ if he told about what he knew hed be killed and then reanimated as a dead clone and tortured for years until they got bored of it.... maybe get his family too,... they got wrestler chris benoit bad like that...used him as an example. u gotta know about the man made saucers along with vrill to be 33rd.... so now yer 33rd lol... level of knowledge hehehehe... back engineered ,... those germans didnt invent them,... named em after the lizards, vril society..

Donald Marshall (Wed. March 13, 2013) -  Alex Jones and David icke Jesse Ventura and Bloom and Steele are down with them... unknown about Jordan Maxwell.

Courtney Dawne (June 2013) - Can Alex Jones be trusted?

Donald Marshall - NOOOOOO!!!!! My answer to the above question,...I wanted to be perfectly clear 

Think... Lemme ask ya something Now ok I KNOW he's illuminati. Talked to the fat bastard as clones in the freak zone. But listen lol Remember his ninja infiltration into the bohemian grove? DO YOU REALLY THINK that that fat goof could stealth through the thick forest WITH a cameraman. With lights on the camera could EVER get close to the bohemian grove??? CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH through the forest The illuminati members would be rich people. They would have had a perimeter of armed guards A friggin spiderweb of armed trained guards all around Use yer heads guys,...Some stuff is just obvious

He says what they tell him he is allowed to say He goes to the clone zone n hangs with celebs lol Oh the confrontation was fake guys btw. With the senator like wow guys The clone center is the new bohemian grove. No traveling. Perfect secrecy. Until me lol They're in underground military bases so unless you got security clearance Simon

Simon Jordan - the transferring consciousness part.. the bit that freaks me out the most is that even when your dead they can still do it? I'l try bro but not promising anything

Donald Marshall - Read back posts Simon I explain it all I'm on a tiny iPhone touchpad keyboard. I ain't typin a page g

Entrance is the front gate in the fence around the base but you need a security clearance card and if you drive through the gate they shoot you So tell me how your infiltration of the cloning floor of dulce base goes. Because even the A-team ain't gettin in there. Chuck Norris could though. Prolly

Alex uses an intentional different voice. His natural voice is high n geeky sounding so he talks like that on purpose. Probably hurts his throat.

His sneak ninja mission into the illuminati bohemian grove thing should have tipped you guys off that something wasn't right. I can't believe people ate that one

Courtney Dawne - When the Boston bombing happened and he started going nuts it raised a flag. I mean, everyone was going nuts about it, but he took it over the top. He looked like a fool just screaming.

Donald Marshall - It was SOOOO obvious.

Didn't see that one lol. He's a clown.

Kat Kanning (Mon. June 17, 2013) - Is Alex Jones controlled opposition?

Donald Marshall - Alex Jones is down with them totally... says what they allow him to.

Donald Marshall (Wed. November 21, 2012) - LOL, ya don't say Alex hahahahah. He's been clones, got intro'd months back at the rem driven clone zone.

thats duplication cloning tho,... fully formed out the tube, the kind grown from a baby is replication cloning.

Donald Marshall (Mon. October 6, 2014) - Donald Marshall Fat old Alex jones did not stealth into the bohemian grove. Lol. That was staged bs.

They have three perimeter rings of armed guards around it if anyone important is there. Yeah fat old Alex Jones ninja'd right in there. Lol

With lights on the camera...

Crystal Green-eyes (Sat. March 9, 2013) - David Icke started me on this journey 7 years ago~Donald said he is at the cloning centre and is only allowed to say so much, the same with Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura~they promote fear mongering but also give us a great spring board to researching deeper into this demonic plot~all the avenues i've gone down have always just reinforced this same storyline with Donalds being at the core~xxxxxxx

Donald Marshall - they WANT to talk and be heroes but theyll be killed,.. so they hint where they can,... they dont want endless clone death or to be droned

theyre allowed to hint, to keep it interesting and exciting for them.

Donald Marshall (July 2015) - Donald Marshall Some use clones to do things. Some people are other people too.

Might be same guy [Alex Jones & Bill Hicks], doesn't really matter though. Find out fur certain in the end. A.J is at cloning though. Spoke to him there several times there as clones.

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - Alex Jones, is really in it, or he was impostered, but I don't think so... They showed me the faked bohemian grove sneak in lol, that was all set up, they have guard that would never let him get that close or anyone... And they do all the real ritual stuff at the cloning center now... Jones in it, David Icke is in it, Wilcock is in it, Bloom and Steele are in it... Theyre all on the payrol. Talking about what theyre allowed to talk about,... Mind you they'd die if they talked, I'm surprised I'm still alive actually, was expecting an aneurysm by now...

Ryan Deaner (September 2013) - 

Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals

Donald Marshall - THIS one, the Alex and politician one was carefully set up... it's scripted. They don't even use the Bohemian grove anymore... they use the cloning centers. They have people go there for tradition like once a year now, but they do everything from the cloning center these days.

Niko Priziof  - Alex is a part of it. His family is CIA, his wife is a Zionist. Not someone to be trusted.

Donald Marshall - I met him at cloning months ago, he is down with them totally.

Ryan Deaner - Possible, I don't buy into much Alex Jones stuff but Jones sure got this guys blood boiling, to be sure.

Donald Marshall - In this video, at the very worst he should have been ejected from the auditorium... the arrest was made to deter others from asking controversial questions that the politician does not want to answer.

No, that politician with Alex was flexing his limited acting muscles... it was talked about at cloning how it'd go what would be said and reaction... scripted totally.

with room for improvisation.

Donald Marshall (April 2014) - Alex Jones is an Illuminati member that attends the cloning center in rem sometimes...

Donald Marshall (September 2013) - Glen Beck has a clone at cloning... it's a necessity to the illuminati,... he has to be controlled like Alex Jones and the others... if they go live and start blabbing about anything, they will use tech to kill him. Then depending on how much damage he did, they will kill him 1000 times as a re-animated clone in various painful terrible ways. Until they get bored of the same screams.

Donald Marshall (March 2014) - alex jones can't wait for me to win. us he doesn't wanna be at cloning, he's stuck there too. he doesn't get tortured, but if he spoke up he would be.


Astral Light - You know what would be REALLY helpful? If someone calls-in on The Alex Jones Show to talk about Donald Marshall and his info. The more people that try to call-in on Alex's show, the more likely it would be that one of us would get on. The following is the information you need (days, hours and number for Alex Jones' show):

Mon-Fri, 11am - 2pm CST / Sun, 4pm - 6pm CST
Mon-Fri, 12pm - 3pm EST / Sun, 5pm - 7pm EST

Call In Line: 855-411-2539 (Outside U.S. 651-695-7777)

Listen Line: 605-562-7701

They ask for your first name, state and what topic you want to talk about (obviously you're probably going to have to lie about the topic, so you can surprise them out-of no-where with Don’s info).


  1. Ty Donald !

  2. I can see the other side when they look at us like ' sheeple' . Cuz in some cases/ sense sadly its true . I see people just soooo blinded and obvlious . I try but people scoff and even wanna recommend i 'see someone to talk to '. If i save 1 person then thats success imo . Donald we cant thank you enough . Thanking is not enough tho for what you suffer . Evil wont win .. Its gonna trigger something thatll bring Christ back . Been looking into people seeing Him and he says the same thing . That hes coming sooner than we think . I can see why some people call you meshiaak N all ( i know you dont want this title or any fame . U just want dead lizards ;) ) . One way or another itll be over soon Don . Woe to the oppressors

    1. Alex j & hicks both appeared on the same comedy show at the same time folks - but they do look alike though!!! Lol : )

  3. Hey don I think you are identical to the actor in : being John malkovich and 1408 ...John cushak ? Maybe you are his clone dude ??? LOL!!! ;-)

  4. Ty Don for the information & Astral for this website that helps him TREMENDOUSLY.

  5. Alex Jones = Another fat pig!


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