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Anderson Cooper

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - Anderson Cooper...(CNN) is bad ... Goes to cloning, knows all about it and me...has personally done mean stuff to me there . Vanderbilts in it too. He actually showed me around a clone growin room himself.


DianeHelen Church (November 2013) - Well, obviously this is news to some people. I was sharing about Anderson Cooper in another group, and I shared that I felt he was a Hybrid reptilian and this gal posted back, a cut and paste of his official bio from his website. I almost fell off my chair, laughing. What a hoot! ONG

Donald Marshall - He's not a hybrid, he's related to a rich Illuminati family called the Vanderbilts or something like that. Anderson talked to me as clones a few times, and he and someone else actually showed me around a clone growing floor a couple of times, telling me about the stuff, years ago. Then he wanted to show off for the others there and did some really bad things to me with electricity to my clone. Hurt bad. I hate Anderson Cooper.

one time he stood over me while I was chained to a corpse table, like from a morgue. He had what looked like a metal C with sharp points on the ends facing inwards, well he pulled it apart some and put it on my head like earphones, but made the spikes puncture my temples... ow. then there was a wire hooked up to this C thing and he looked at me and pressed a button on a box and sent a big arc of electricity through my clones brain... but for some reason I didn't die,... and I was coherant, there was only extreme pain, so much so I couldn't even scream breath nothing... it was one of the worst things I have ever felt there... Anderson Cooper is going to pay for that.

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  1. In the daytime or I saw the movie " marthyr " I knew after it is a thing of shit. I was afraid whether it is a snuff movie. but really demoralized to see that you Donald, certainly the skinned(grazed) victim, butMoreover, also the victim who has things inserted into the crane. with how the queen who comes to ask(raise) a question " being close to the death, it is how? " We suppose, and the marthyr answers certainly: get lost! But I know now that it was a man the victim. Sad for you. Revolting, and these crazy and hostile people are going to suffer, God's promise is real


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