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Donald Marshall (November 2012) - the andromedans are a lie... they are the long necked Vrill going to use man made saucers to come down and spread the "love and light" they want to bring people back to their "homeworld" (siberian D.U.M.B ) and eat them and drone them...


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - the andromedans and pleadians are vrill type 3, the long necked grey lookin guys, they will put their consciousnesses on chip and put them into beautiful women clones with big eyes to make them look exotic... they just want to take people underground...


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Prince Charles tried to introduce me to the Vrill (type 2) and say they were andromedans crash landed in antarctica on a crescent shaped spaceship... that wasnt true though,... theyre just Vrills... troglodytes... they have no tech and are too dumb to discover any...


Jesse Couter  (August 2013) - Yep. When someone asked Alex Collier if Andromedans ever "probed" him he was like... "Well, yeah. They wanna make sure you're healthy.." lol. There are other ways to check someone's temperature, Ale
Donald Marshall - Lol Yeah aliens are perverts extreme. Pleasure and pain. They like to do both. Kinda like that hell raiser movie but the creepy guys are uglier.

Human clones there do it too, dress up as greys n peeve on people. Clones of the people usually... Open yer eyes there at the cloning center in restraints.

People are like I WAS TAKEN BY THE GREYS last night lol... But it was just their clones activated in a base while they were in rem sleep stage.

People get desperate in an attempt to find help from it, they videotape themselves sleeping in bed... Think they're abducted when their clone gets activated in the clone zone, but watch the video, and see they just lay in bed allll night...

Then they look to people like Miles Johnson and his super soldiers for help as they seem to have similar experiences. Lol

Jesse Couter - I was JUST thinking about that. It makes sense. These people are scared to death and SWEAR this is happening yet they can never get the 'abduction' on film.

Donald Marshall - That is why...


DianeHelen Church (November 2013) -  My understanding is that the Vril are known to masquerade as many races. Annunaki, Pleiadians, Andromedans, etc.

Lina Seeka - & they are sposed to be friendly ... but we dont think they are. ..

Donald Marshall - oh they ain't friendly lol they'll fake it though. "light n love" lol

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