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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Don (October 2012) - Her [Angelina Jolie] and her husband [Brad Pitt] are pretty gross... Sometimes as clones at the zone, they will go out into the center dirt and have sex and all the clones in the stands watch... And often masterbate... They are pro cloning pro illuminati. Members for life.


Don (November 2013) - she know's why she is fortunate. Because she sold out to the clone zone... like most do.


Don (June 2014) - Brad and Angelina are both Illuminati members and scumbags. They are at cloning nearly every time they go to sleep.

Phil Chuppa - isnt she a host [of Vril aka drone]?

Don - said she was, then said she wasn't, they were all saying they were hosts a couple years ago.

she is definetely an Illuminati skagg. Her and Brad used to have sex out in the dirt at cloning while everyone watched... lol... zero class, zero shame. they always figured news of what they do there would never see the light of day... :) they mess with people too, for sport... messed with me a lot...

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