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Area 51

Donald Marshall - there are no greys, no nibiru, there are only vrill and they come from underground... feel privileged to know this...anyone else tell you this they will have an aneurysm.... tila [tequila] calls them demons... because that's what they told her they were called...she had an aneurysm before when SHE tried to tell people about them - The idea [of aliens] was born in area 51. The vril society in Germany were brought to area 51 to make saucers... Made em... Test flyin but it was during the cold war... This thing was unstable, incredible speed i dont know how the pilot didnt die... If it accidentally crashed in a town the russians woulda got wind of it and become nervous of a superweapon... So they put alien looking symbols on it in case of a crash.... It crashed, the skin was mylar... Now they said they made this material ten years later but they had it before just didnt disclose it to public... The russians heard about the landing and were afraid the americans were down with aliens... The americans fostered this idea to keep russia in check.... Russians and chinese have been vrill droning the world for decades from hospitals...and other places... They could be lying but i dont think so i would have met one... They said there's just vrill. Oh and drones are detectable in cat scans... There will be a world wide purge as they call it of all vrill drones. And markIII clones with a dead mans consciousness in the chip in his head...

Yeah they don’t know any EXTRA terrestrials though... they speculate on anunnaki and greys are a total invention... leaked because they if their saucer crashed in a town they wanted [the] Russians to think it was aliens and not a secret weapon being tested... which it was... and that was cold war time too... there are no greys, they don’t hang with space aliens... there are only Vrill.


  1. Seems interesting, love it.

  2. Douglas Dietrich says it was Japanese pilots at Roswell and Aquino was brought in 2 head the cover up &subsequent psy-op.


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