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Military Involvement

Donald Marshall (Thur. June 27, 2013) - Military leadership is illuminati, average soldier just follows orders, big celebs know the plan.


Donald Marshall (Sun. October 20, 2013) - US Military leaders at cloning don't want to look like cowards for not speaking up.... and they also don't want anyone to know that they have been perving on children for decades... and have covered up for the multi-national pedo ring.


Donald Marshall (Fri. September 28, 2012) - inform the army and navy about the secret cloning and vrill threat,... The high ups alreaddy know but the mass of the armies do not... Turning them is essential... Like in libya and syria.. American and Canadian soldiers wont fire on their own citizens for demanding answers to the cloning vrill and drone issue,... Then they will want to know the answer to that too,... The prime evils of the illuminati fear this eventuality... Very much...


Donald Marshall (Mon. March 25, 2013) - the average grunt in the army doesnt know about nothing, they follow orders,...its the high ups that are hosts and dead chip heads and the people scared of hosts and chipheads that do their bidding


Pjay Dee (March 2014) - Don are the armed forces full of drones ?

Donald Marshall - armed forces infiltrated. unsure of %


Astral Light - Here are the links for you to spam with truth...




U.S. Coast Guard:




U.S. Navy: NONE

U.S. Coast Guard: NONE

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