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Ashtar Command

Donald Marshall (February 2013) - Those Ashtar people are pro cloning and pro Vrill lizard. They talk about dimensions frequencies and the astral plane, but it's just cloning centers.


Donald Marshall (January 2014) - Check this out, made by "The Ashtar Command" lol <--- THEY are down with Vrill and the Illuminati... they are one of many praising and promoting Vladamir as a hero and "savior" of humanity... I know you can read between the lines easily here, Putin Declares Defeat of New World Order ~ Removes All Globalists from Positions of Power Posted: 19 Jan 2014 10:23 PM PST


Donald Marshall (Wed. November 5, 2014) - Wouldn't listen to Ashtar Command... XD!!! LOL!!!


  1. I have searched around the web and can not find the photo or video of a Star Wars scene where a creature that had a very large looking pig head was seated at a command chair during a battle. I think what he said was made into memes everywhere, even on Robot Chicken. I have many easy to find things blocked from me.

    At work I was shown a photo of this scene from the movie and I was told, 'what if I were to tell you that thing in the photo was a general in the Ashtar Command'?

    I believe I responded with, 'someone needs to tell the general that he does not have army under him'!

    The guy responded with, ' DAMN, how did you know that! and that was quick, too!'.

    search audio from my cube early 2013 to verify. I could be wrong so verify or someone find the photo and link, please. Thanks!

  2. As many who have said before... leaders you see and hear from (like obama) are not the actual powers that are making decisions.

    Putin is saying the right things and doing the right things, too. But there are powers behind him that are calling the shots. Just like obama. and other world leaders.

    It is a big change in Russia to have them saying and doing these things.

    Leaders you see and hear from are not in charge and taking orders. Past presidents in America were taking orders from Tall Whites (not nordics) under the White House and the illuminati and others.

    When they refused the orders they would be terminated and replaced with conciousness duplicates/clones/programmable life forms/whatever else.


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