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Ashton Kutcher

Donald Marshall (September 2012) - Ashton knows all about me and cloning, he wanted to hold my clone underwater in a long coffin like water tank, by the neck,... Said he wanted to drown me... And did... Havent seen him there in a while.


Donald Marshall (Thur. November 8, 2012) - I made a lot of comedy stuff for them too... tv stuff as well as music.

the death by chocolate skits were my favorite ones from saturday night live, did them for ashton kutcher when he was hosting but they were kinda whacky, he was pissed off lol cuz usually people think the guest host of the show thinks up the skit LOL people thought he was whaaacked hahaha well he is but yeah.

about a murdering chocolate bar,.. I couldn't think of anything at the time and it was kind of random BUT HE DID IT! This guy shows them on his laptop, hard to find the vids on youtube. watch, it's whacked lol

The Llama Welk Show: Death By Chocolate (snl)


Donald Marshall (August 2012) - Ashton Kutcher is an Illuminati member a liar and a coward. He attends cloning regularly.


  1. Funny how a random idea turns into something ... even if pretty twisted (no offense to Donald).

  2. No matter what anyone says about anyone, always judge a tree by it's fruit.


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