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Astral Light's Raps

we here forever, we aint leavin
someone tell Miss Tila to lead n stop misleadin
Don leadin so sold souls is what he be freein
daydreamin is taking me back like Project Pegasus
few months ago my eyes met beneficial messages
D.M. italicized gives initials emphasis
it representin Illuminati’s official nemesis
inner Earth is full of “demons” that’s why God sent an “exorcist"
bout to be an exodus after we show chipheads n drones where the exit is
know we pleased to resist, Vril gunna cease to exist
children freed if we persist, insist that you see somethin is amiss
so expose those with cold souls on Soulstones
the evil done at clone zones, bodies they stole n those droned
everybody need to know now below ground is Vril’s home
we need the world to become aware and stop this
so we can look forward to the future like Nostradamus

Freddy gunna getchu while you sleep n bring bout them nightmares
bi-polar Illuminuts colder than the air surroundin them white bears
tell the Freemasons, why didn’t they try to build a better reputation?
sayin them, Vril Society n Scientologists are thee Illuminati army of “Satan”
they don’t want us to think outside of the box, they want us to stay in
they alarmed cuz we’ll raise the alarm even if our arms were severed
golden truth will killuminati n end their sick twisted pleasures
we informed, our army forming informing those that aren’t informed n
exposing disinformants, this for men n women that had to endure torment
vivid vision listen we gouged out Illuminati’s eye, I foresee it
n after that umm them mothafukkers won’t be able to see shit
done seen it see kid the info rocked their boat, now they’re sea sick
CC’s is where anythin n everythin goes wit clones, drones n Vril
strong will, can’t be deterred determined to see DUMBs deserted still
our species in danger, so kill Vrill til they endangered species n gone later
Don tryin to save him save her written in D.M. stone, the new age savior

Army of Light, Blessed Union of Souls
armed for the fight, we’ll defeat our foes
the “elite” with their cyanide capsule, need to be captured
truth is a hard pill to swallow, lets make them swallow it after
afraid of being lynched, body limbs torn apart?
you were never part of team humanity from the start
so as we part ways, you might leave in parts
you had a part to play, you shoulda played your part
times up, you wouldn’t change in time even if time was rewinded
outta my mind talking about this stuff like I don’t mind it
mind you when I sleep, I’m surrounded by those evil-minded
we’d lift the veil even if our arms were binded
and perform a miracle when we give sight to the people blinded
truth is in front of your face, you must be farsighted
see afar amidst the horizon, Illuminati eye set ablaze
thanks to God sending Don to do it in three waves

my soul is not for sale, there’s no price tag
some were tagged, what were they priced at?
since you allowed it to be sold, now you pay the price
truth be told, shoulda never gambled wit your life
an offer was there, so you rolled the dice
accepted the deal with those as cold as ice
you sold out, now your souls out at REM stage
so no doubt, you’re solely responsible for it being encaged
enraged you might be cuz now you’re a clone sex slave
you willingly traded your freedom for fortune and fame
how does it feel to have it while you remain in chains?
now you want a refund, make some arrangements
when the contract clearly stated no returns or exchanges?
capturing those who never agreed too regardless of their ages?
free-will line was drawn, shoulda never crossed there
Illuminati members remember you walk around wit cross-hairs


regardless of whether I live or die
happy to have partaken in your demise


#KillVrill and ALL hosts, no exception
can’t alter our perception, fall for no deception
wicked from inception, beyond redemption


we’ll find those that were human one minute and host next minute later
rid Earth of them parasitic creatures that mimic human behavior


D.M. and his army responsible for the Illuminati being dismantled
Undead techno bird God, Amon Ra’s skull hanging over his mantle

chipheads deactivated, does that turn you off?
obliterate the Mindworks Satellite, the mothafukka that turned you on

From dawn to dusk, from dusk to the break of dawn
Be at ease knowing, they can never break Don

V near the eye, “watch-out for that Vrill Quill” sign
"We come in peace"? must be in a parallel timeline
You droned that human and left that lizard body behind?
I say put two in your head, I call that peace of mind


  1. Got something important to talk about

  2. '''inner Earth is full of “demons” that’s why God sent an “exorcist"
    bout to be an exodus after we show chipheads n drones where the exit is'''


    This needs to be put on tape. Good stuff.

  3. AnonymousJune 17, 2016


  4. killuminati, comme tupac

  5. ...traded your freedom for fortune and fame
    how does it feel to have it while you remain in chains?

    I like that


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