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Astral Projection, Out-Of-Body-Experiences (OBE’s) & Lucid Dreams

Donald Marshall (Sun. September 9, 2012) - i dont believe in astral projection,... neither do the nwo, theyve done millions of dollars worth of experiments, they said its all bs.


Donald Marshall (Mon. August 5, 2013) - they tell people the cloning center is the astral plane, 5th dimension, a time stutter, a singularity, a negative dimension, 7th dimension which is all love lol and whatever that person will be more prone to believing... just the cloning center in a clone of yourself though.... or in a drugged clone to make you feel different, weightless, fuzzy, pleasant/pleasurable feeling... clone pre-injected with drugs before activation.


Donald Marshall (Thur. May 23, 2013) - They trick the smartest people with the mind tech shit so no embarrassment for not knowing how its done. You wouldn't think people could do this stuff in this day and age. Normally they couldn't but they stumbled upon Atlantans abandoned tech that they back engineered and them tech levels made leaps and bounds.


Donald Marshall (Wed. May 1, 2013) - you're not flying, it's not astral plane,... it's mk ultra visualizations,... you even feel the air breezing past you but its not there and your not flying,... you just think you are... another woman on my friends list here (not mentioning names) thought she was in the astral plane flying around too... met her as clones we talked, she knows now,... talk to her from time to time as clones. There is no astral plane lol thats just what they tell people,... lucid dreaming same difference. Clone on fuzzy drugs... I watch it happen from the stands,... people think theyre super heroes running around in the arena thinking theyre doing all kinds of stuff,... and the scumbags sit there and make fun of them, but the person cant even see them,... theyre in a mk ultra scenario

they tried the flying thing with me,... it's all like inception the movie... looks realer than real. it is all illusion only you can see,... even if you crash into something your own brain tricks yourself that there is a solid object there and you'll feel pain but its not real pain its imagined pain,... hard to explain but thats it in a nutshell... they don't do that stuff to me, I know the difference now... I know all about mk visuals and audio.


Donald Marshall (August 2013) - They tell most dizzy girl clones out there [at the cloning centers] each night, that they want to have sex with that they're in the Astral plane or 5th dimension and inject them with multiple drugs from an internal drug dispenser surgically installed in each clone, multiple effects, then theres the audio video mk effects on top of that, they make you think that youre flying through clouds,... and it's convincing. They got it allll figured out.


Donald Marshall (August 2013) - I've watched so many dizzy good looking female clones in the arena, start to cry and say "where am I?" Your in the astral again they say... then they remotely drug them with an internal drug dispenser in each clone, different drugs,... sometimes they talk, sometimes they get an ugly old man out there and make the girl see an mk ultra visual effect of Brad Pitt over this old man... everyone else can see this is a scummy naked old man, but the girl see's Brad Pitt... like computer graphics layed over the reality but better. Then drugs little of this little of that, no needles, its an internal drug dispenser surgically implanted in the clone... most clones have them.

The illuminati tell so many people they are in the astral plane, then they mess with them for sport... no one ever know's they are a drugged clone... you feel all fuzzy and pleasant on the drugs, you think your in some pleasure dimension when it's going on.


Donald Marshall (Sun. March 17 or Mon. March 18, 2013) - they mess with people in multiple ways.... hurts the same though huh? they do mk ultra visual effects easily on clones... you can be in the center arena dirt surrounded by crazies in the stands, and they can make you see a secluded beach... they can make you thing you'r on the moon but can breath,... they just do a menagerie of different things to people for sport. They don't care if there are side effects on your real self.


Donald Marshall (Sun. December 23, 2012) - They make people see hologram like images as clones... Using mk ultra visual effects, same as inception movie basically... Most of the time the people think theyre just dreaming or think they were original body when they saw it, didnt even know they were clones,... they play a lot of tricks on peoples minds... They tell some people that the cloning center is the astral plane, 5th dimension Nirvana plane Shang ri la, lotsa different stuff, a lot dont even know theyre IN a clone, they think theyre in another dimension and in real body... Or time stutter or singularity lol, they tell different people different stuff.


Donald Marshall (Wed. June 19, 2013) - theres no astral plane... that's what they tell drugged clones of people at the cloning center.

Josie Marceleno - They tell them that but there really is right?

Donald Marshall - no it's your clone on drugs,... with mk ultra visual audio effects surrounding you like a star trek holodeck. inception land on fuzzy drug.

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