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Hitler & The Vril Society

Donald Marshall - the vrill that the Vril-society kept hidden told Hitler there were Vril lizards in Tibet that knew where magic was... Nazi's love chasing magic, SO off they went to Tibet... took the "dragons" the Tibetan monks kept hidden as pets, and made them point out on a map where the magic was... brought them with them to Germany, then to where they pointed... Antarctica... went down down down and found the base. Abandoned Atlantean base. They started building and never stopped. They have a lot of stuff down there... a lot. the "dragons" were Vrill type-1's

Astral Light - Don said that Hitler was so appreciative of the Vril’s help, that he named the saucers after them.

Donald Marshall - The Vrill society women there,... used to wear their hair like that to represent the proboscis that ejected from the top of the Vrill lizards head during the parasitic droning process,... unknown if these women were drones themselves or just friends of the scaly little bastards. one or the other.

They were pretty gross back then too, used to get sexy on everything, thought they absorbed magic powers or occult powers lol

ew those women were and are disgusting.... uncommonly disgusting and evil.... unfathomable by a normal person the extent.... they droned lots of people....their own people too...the long hair pony tail thing represents the edposed spinal cord and brain of a vrill

It wasn't channeling they were doing,... they were talking as clones Mark 1 primitive clones, they said they were getting instructions telepathically from space on how to build technology, when in actuality they were just back engineering technology they had found in an abandoned Atlantean base under Antarctica.

Good link,... and good documentary movie about Vril society... important, but they don't tell you all. I'll elaborate.

I've written this before but will say it again, The Germans Vril-society did not invent saucers, they back engineered them from Atlantean designs they found underground...

The Vrill and Thule society "clubs" had a couple Vrill lizards,.. kept em secret kept them as pets... damn things can talk most word... Hitler found out... went and learned about them, found out how they can take human hosts with the parasitic biological ability they have... he asked them about their origins and everything they knew... they told him Tibet... there were many of them in Tibet and they know things, where magic is.... Hitler immediately sent an expedition costing a billion dollars of todays money to Tibet to find more and this "magic". his soldiers went to Tibet and talked to the monks that were keeping Vrill pets underground... and they asked them where magic was... they showed the lizard things a map, and the lizards pointed to Antarctica... they took a few lizards with them and flew to Antarctica. Where they found the opening to hollow Earth... miles and miles they went in... with soldiers and the Vrill scouting ahead clicking in their language of clicks and gurgles... they ran into more Vrill... who showed them into an underground Atlantean base,... abandoned... Atlantis was called Thule by Atlanteans... they found plans there for saucers... primitive junker saucers... they took the plans and other tech plans and left... I was told they blew the place up, but they didn't it is still there... then they started back engineering saucers, Possibly got cloning technology there too... started cloning after WW2 ... But the Americans British and Russians closed in before they could complete the projects... and the scientists making the saucers were brought to the U.S and set to work at area 51... the Russians didn't know the Americans had this technology... during test flights the things flew erraticly and there was a fear of them crashing into a town somewhere and the Russians finding out they were working on this tech so the americans added wierd symbols on the thing just in case they were seen they could pass them off as alien craft and not a top secret US tech... they perfected saucers by adding the same kind of gyro's in them that are on the personal segway scooters, they fly straight and controlled now... (I want one) and the U.S keeps them secret... they arent very useful, just for recon and fast travelling... not bulet proof and cant fire ballistic weapons well... the recoil messes them up... A bunch of Nazi's escaped persecution by hiding deep underground in hollow Earth,... forced to live with the disgusting Vrill... the lack of sunlight messed them up and they went rashy and crazier than they already were... they had kids... who grew up with Vrill, had nothing to do with the war... Vrill droned a few, ate a few... theyre all pretty crazy down there... anyway... the Germans stuck down there want me to speak for them to the world and request they be allowed to live on the surface,... the old nazi's died and lived on via recorded consciousness on microchip,... in clones and in real bodies they bodysnatched... kinda like Vrill lizards do but with a microchip tech instead of cellular biological transfer from proboscis.. but the kids born had nothing to do with the war... and they want to be freed from having to live like a subterranean Troll... they will need to be re-educated somewhere and freed from exile. wow this is heavy stuff... there is more but I have to get on TV... I gotta get worldwide media attention mainstream. Vrill are mean to them down there and treat them like slaves, and some of them have been driven insane with fear, they will need massive therapy and understanding... and I'm gonna need the latest coolest saucer... just because... paintin flames on it n everything lol SO um yeah... world is on edge,... and is asking me to solve the problem and explain to the world... because if they try they will be killed by the Vrill... but almost all the religious sects in the world have been told about me and the 2000 songs movie ideas toy ideas cartoons and stuff i made as a clone at the cloning center my whole life and they say I'm new age Jesus and that I'm going to save the world from everything,.... and I am trying... therefore Vrill cannot kill me... as its written in prophecy that if I die in this fight that the Earth will be destroyed... however if I am "truimphant" in victory in this Earth will move on into a golden age of humanity... I don't want to play Jesus be famous be rich, it means nothing to me... but I do want to solve the myriad of problems there are... and I will... the illuminati have gotten me to think up options for them over the past 32 years at the cloning center since age 5... been involved in political decisions and everything... they say I think outside the box and have come up with options to problems they never thought of whole teams of political analysts havent thought of... Vrill and drones want to take over everything,... and it's up to me to tell the world and keep order and calm while drones are wiped out and Vrill eradicated...

Vrill lizards have requested they just be left to their own devices underground and drones ask if they can live out the rest of their natural lives in their stolen host bodies... I said no, they are pissed... I gotta get on TV I know how to say it to keep the peace.

They need to be freed from banishment underground.... the Germans down there... they had nothing to do with the war... but they are severely psychologically traumatized by the Vrill... I have to get them out...

This is a membership ring of of a high ranking Vril-society member, The "Thule" (toolie) society had the same membership rings... Thule is what Atlanteans called themselves.

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