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Avril Lavigne

Donald Marshall - she's pretty mean,... Illuminati "princess" did lots to me there,... shot me, hacked me with a sword, scratched me all up, all just to show off for the other celeb clones watching.

Latest album cover from A-vril Lavigne. 

Amelia Air-heart - drone?

Donald Marshall - so she has said...notice the heart with the D in it and the music note?  :) on it's arm?

lavigne, means the vein.

Jason Greenwood - Her fiancé (chad Kroger) from nickelback is a satanist I believe. Last concert of theirs I went to he said 'show me your devil horns' at least 20 times. And he looks gaunt and ill now. Nothing like the first time I saw them...they seem to be illuminazi puppets now.

Donald Marshall - I named Nickelback and made the majority of their songs. Chad Kroaker is member spoke to him many times there.

Jason Greenwood - They've both sold their souls to the devil...

Tyrel Hunnisett - She got turned ages ago.

Donald Marshall - yes.

the red streak in her hair is supposed to represent my blood she spilled at the cloning center...when there she got a handfull of my clones blood after stabbing me and grabbed a length of her hair and smeared it its like secret evil symbol to those in the know.

also the reason that "Hailey Williams" of the band Paramore changed her hair...

I think people that have the name Avril, MAY get their name legally changed in the near future Also,... it is that bad, I think France may have to rename the month of April in their language,... I`m sick of the V word now... have been... no one is going to even like that letter. (french for April=Avril)

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