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Barack Obama Has No Say Whatsoever

Donald Marshall (Wed. March 20, 2013) - OK... you all remember how I told you Obama is a puppet of China and Russia,... I don't think you know just how puppet I meant... he has NO say... none whatsoever. He is made fun of at the cloning center... he is the fall guy. The other leaders make fun of him and he cries like a mentally handicapped child when their feelings are hurt

NOW... the people that HAVE say, are China, Russia, Germany, Italy/Rome, and even though there are very few Arabs there MOST of the leaders attend cloning and are secretly in on it all. NOW. They ALL hate America, but they can't beat America...

Vladamir, Elizabeth and High up Chinese people pretty much run the cloning center and no one talks down to them. Angela Merkel of Germany,... Scandinavian countries Denmark Norway, different royalties from different places. They have all been trying to think of a way to topple America...


  1. I would love to see Obama cry like the mentally handicapped man that he is...

  2. It has been reported many times by extremely informed sources that America's gun ownership has stopped the draco/illuminati/alien agenda to destroy the world MANY MANY TIMES.

    The dracos and illuminati (chinese, russia germany and other countries) know this and have been chipping away at America for years.

    dracos and illuminati had China as their 'new' America planned out but all of that has fallen through. There will be no nuclear war to destroy 90% of world. Positive aliens (nordics) have been reported to have stopped 60+ nukes from going off in recent years.

    China was somehow setup to start big mfg and take base from America. and dracos stole all the worlds money.

    White hats in America's military are basically running the entire country for the next step. And they have been stopping draco/illuminati plans over and over again.

    back to China...
    Could China's economy and draco/illumaniti love stem at least partly from the cloning center's Mao Say-Tun (satan)? When you look at the organ harvesting (murder of humans by removing organs while they are alive) and all the other draco shit they do over there... and the super massive vrill droning... and so much more. baby girls are not liked probably comes from draco and illuminati who do not like women.

    It might be why Mao has so much power at the cloning center and in China. Because Say-Tun (satan) could be giving them power. And as I have said a buncha times, reports that satan is the draco reptilian king and is living in South Africa and shows the photos and everything.


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