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Barack Obama’s Head Scars

Roger Clayton (Tue. July 9, 2013) - Donald what do you make of Obama's head scar and now his interest in studying the brain?

Donald Marshall - Brain has been mapped totally, they figured it all out, nothing to learn now, now they try to augment the brain with technological implants, cybernetics... Obama's head scars, I was told as clones years ago that he needed reconstructive surgery on the back of his head, because the back of his head was elongated like some kinda freak ancient Egyptian inbred. Might be true, might not be, I'm not certain on that,... that's just what they've said. Never know if theyre telling the truth or not, So I only mention for CERTAIN CERTAIN what I know is true and what has been proven to me as clones,... can't afford to speculate.

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