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Becky BigCanoe

Donald Marshall (Sun. November 26, 2013) - This thing just showed her face at cloning, (Becky BigCanoe) She is a low level Illuminati member, is a spy to keep watch on native indians that are problematic. Fake "Truther/protester" stabbed me and punched me a bunch of times because I didn't want to get sexy with it, has relatives there too, has bothered me for 2 nights now. Was on my friends list. Told me that if I ever try to seek revenge, that a bunch of native indians would shoot me to death. She is very confident.

Can't wait till all is known and I meet this manly thing. It's gonna be fun times then...

Becky BigShamu better hope I die.

This womans own relatives there don't like her... turns out she has been victimizing her younger relatives there... and other natives, She acts like she is the Native indian representative of the Illuminati... fat n ugly people go evil scumbag really easily.

looks like a man... her head is huge. It was comin at me as clones, pain numbed, I was in a reduced size weaker clone... punched the pig a buncha times but it was like boxing a moose, the thing just bowled me over and body splashed me, stab stab then punch punch punch, don't know how long, the thing just lumped her ham hocks down again and again. Can't wait to meet the fat bastard. 

all the while someone videotaping the event and the clones will watch it again and again at the CC on bigscreen.

See, they allegedly used to molest Big Shamu at cloning, as clones since she was young,... but then they didn't want to when she got huge and manly looking,... so she went from victim, to victimizer, now she corrals others for them... and threatens people to do what she says or else... because no one in their right mind is going to want to willingly plug this thing. lol