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Donald Marshall - If you want to be famous or make it in Hollywood or anything, you have to have clone sex with these guys and more at the cloning center... 

Then if you have children they will have to as well, and if you ever want to retire and not attend the cloning center anymore like Whitney Houston you will have a remote controlled aneurysm. To deter others from ever leaving.

They have played out this scenario many times, and its as terrible as you can imagine, they bring a beautiful woman there and one of them asks this woman (who thinks shes been kidnapped or is in another dimension or something) if they can have sex with her and when they say ew no gross your a fat old man, the woman is drugged in a way to make her body sluggish and the guy stabs her then rapes her while stabbing,... they do all kinds of things to clones of people, and real people too... they have god complexes and think theyre so powerful they will never be stopped...


  1. that just ungodly messed up

    1. Hi . Somehow in the middle of the process there are multiple factors to take in to consideration like , as for an example , god or «ungodly« as you have written , may not apply to every single being point
      of view as for what does the label God mean to . So ,that does place you in the position of someone whose credibility is not as relevant , for you have been expressing you point of view based on your personal «believes « as that does , once again place you in the position of someone whose credibility is not as relevant , for , you have been expressing your own personal views as a religious person would and that , my dear, is always and have been always been seen as believe imposition up on others . Well , if that has been your focus all along , in these case i do apologise respectfully . Have a good life

  2. I heard from the author of "Revealing Heaven", Kat Kerr, that Whitney Houston was murdered because she sang with all her heart 'Yes, Jesus loves me' at a club that was forcing her to sing.

    Here is source (@38:00):

  3. Do you know Gano Grills?
    What do you think of this?

  4. Did the Jenner sisters's have to do this.......?

  5. Gross be forced to have sex with a fat, bald old man...EW!


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