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Betty White

Vince Marra (Thur. Jun 27, 2013) - does betty white attend these cloning centers! be heartbroken if u witnessed her torture lil kids

Donald Marshall - You don't wanna know. Betty White isn't dumb and sweet little old lady like her character on the Golden girls. That is a character she emulates. She's kinda mean.


Vince Marra (February 2014) - Is Betty white at cloning...what do u know abt her wat is her demeanor and behavior there does she partake in the abuse or say things to u as a clone

Donald Marshall - she's been there, she's actually pretty mean.

Vince Marra - Really Donny how is she mean

Donald Marshall - Well as a kid I watched Golden Girls a lot with my grandmother sometimes... I thought Betty White (Rose) was the nicest person... I open my eyes at cloning one night and shes staring in my face in the arena, I said wtf Rose??? I thought she'd be nice... she looked at me mean and said "your going to die mother fucker". It was quite a surprise... wasn't expecting it from her. but in the show she was playing a character... In real she isn't like Mary Poppins lol...

looks like she'd be good natured and nice... lol not true... lol not true... hHAHAHAHAHA

She's not sayin Rock on here... lol


Vince Marra - Damn donny I use to watch GG to with my gma I love betty I dunno if I can handle this one

Donald Marshall - it was a shocker. lol

Vince Marra - Have u ever seen her physically hurt anyone or urself

Donald Marshall - I didn't even know what to say after she'd said that I was dumbstruck for a couple seconds. lol

yep, me

Vince Marra - Wat was her method of inflicting pain upon u Donny

Donald Marshall - Don't wanna re-hash it, it makes me think of the details and makes it fresh in my mind, then I'm in a subconscious bad mood all day wanting to strangle an old woman lol.

Vince Marra - And how long ago did she partake in physical attacks the 80s 90s?...I assume she too old now even in clone form to do anything anymore other then just sit in the stands and cheer the younger celebs on in hurting u

Donald Marshall - no no she can still swing a knife...

was like 2 years ago.

Vince Marra - Even today? Damnnn she friends with the Queen

Donald Marshall - she pretends to be, most do.

Vince Marra - R the other ladies from the GG girls there rue McLanahan Bea Arthur Estelle Getty at the CC...well there all dead so I guess that be a no haha

Donald Marshall - they were.

Vince Marra - Is Nancy pelos...i if so, is she mean.  does she kill u n other clones?

Donald Marshall - yes and yes she has.

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