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Beyonce's Pregnancy

Donald Marshall - no one even talks about how Beyonce's pot belly deflated on a TV interview... lol She did that on purpose you know...

Beyonce's double had the baby to keep her main body healthy as having a kid takes a lot out of you...

Question - The singer Adele is pregnant can you still be cloned when pregnant. Was Beyonce still cloned when she was pregnant?

Donald Marshall - depends on when they got your blood or tissue sample,..

Question - If you were being cloned years before you were pregnant then you got pregnant would it stop till you had the baby or would they make clones of you still?

Donald Marshall - you could still be brought to the cloning center not pregnant.

Beyonce Video Fuels Fake Pregnancy Controversy

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  1. Why would Beyoncé want to show deflated belly purposely?


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