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Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

[The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow]

Donald Marshall (October 2012) - I tried to assess all weaknesses and built in weaponry and mental abilities to tell the world how to kill them more effectively... oh I was scared... but kinda same as small vrill... fight em, still lose, still pain... recloned... so why cower... why not just fight right? The Illuminuts think it's odd that I can even fight back... and as a kid I didn't I'd curl up in a ball n cry thing'd blood dart me n drain blood, then we were "friends" for years... then they started swarming me again when I told about cloning and especially when I told about Vrill so I said hey wait a minute... lol might as well stomp em... thats when I made the BOOM BOOM POW song for Black eyed peas. sez in it "beats so big um steppin on leprechauns y'all gettin hit with the boom boom... I stomped many... but they always would get a blood dart in my foot or jump n cling with claws to my thigh n bite... siezes ya up n ya fall... no fighting after that... black n purple veins spread from the bite fast... u can see it spread through the skin... it kills you eventually depending on amount of spit they get in you... its toxic.

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