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Blizzard Entertainment

Donald Marshall - Blizzard is heavily involved with cloning and illuminati,... I had to help them with games in the past... Bethesda and many others too

had to help make soundtracks and ideas for games... some of the songs they said at the time were too good to use for a video game... but they'd put it in anyway. Like a jingle for a cable company named Teevo that they made me make...was supposed to be just for a commercial, but they made it a full song, I'll try to find it.

meh can't find it, you get the idea,...

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  1. Im SOOOO mad ...I wasted like 7 years of my life to their games... I was awoken two-three years ago and i started to learn about symbols etc ...they have 666 in some of their game symbols .. I rly CANT believe how blind i was . Don ..once again TY


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